Two words can truly define tonight’s game between Purdue and Kansas, FRANK MASON III. Tonight the Kansas product demolished each bit of the Boilermaker’s defense in every unique way possible.

26 points on 9-11 shooting and 4-5 coming from beyond the arc. In addition to being an absolute monster on the offensive end, Mason also contributed on the boards by snatching 7 rebounds. Additionally, he dissed out 7 assists.

Mason was not alone in his efforts, accompanied by Devonte Graham. Graham scored 26 of his own points, on a 7-15 night of shooting. Even more impressive was his shooting from the three point line. Graham finished the night shooting 5-9 from three point range making it what was an all around GREAT showing for him.

Lastly for Kansas, it’s hard to ignore the play of one of the best players in the nation, none other than Josh Jackson. Jackson had a smooth night himself scoring 15 points and even playing some hefty defense, coming up with 4 steals.

Jackson really crashed the glass, pulling in 12 rebounds throughout his play.

As a team, Kansas blatantly outplayed a clearly inferior Purdue team and the numbers really show just how badly the Boilermakers’ were outgunned.

The Jayhawks shot in at a pleasing 54.8% and even 53.6% from the three point line. In comparison to Purdue’s 42.9% shooting and 37.9% from three, it’s clear that the Boilermakers’ never stood a chance on the offensive end of things.

Next, Purdue was outplayed practically everywhere else throughout the game. Kansas outrebounded Purdue by a margin of 36-29. Likewise on the passing end of things, Kansas had one more assist to Purdue’s 17.

As was expected by literally everyone in this world except for your uncle who’s a Purdue fan, Kansas even outplayed Purdue defensively speaking. They committed several less fouls, forced more turnovers, and ended up with more steals than Purdue.

So with this inevitable blowout, Kansas moves onto the Elite Eight where they have a meeting with the Oregon Ducks.