West Virginia and Gonzaga may have just put on one the most uniquely messy basketball games in the modern era of March Madness. From an aesthetic standpoint, this game might not have been that bad. But from a statistical standpoint it was a messy game in which no one knew how to defend or shoot.

Neither team shot anything near halfway decent as Gonzaga shot in at 40.9% from the field and West Virginia was beyond shoddy in their shooting performance as they shot a measly 26.7%.

In addition, the Mountaineers also shot 5 of 23 from beyond the arc which thus accumulated to a percentage of 21.7%. It even seemed as if neither team could pass the ball properly or even hang onto it for a long stretch of time.

Both the Bulldogs and Mountaineers had more turnovers than assists. Specifically, West Virginia had 7 assists to their 13 turnovers and Gonzaga also had 7 assists but to an additional 3 turnovers; Which adds up to 16 turnovers on the night.

Furthermore, neither team never really found their ground on defense as they accumulated to a total 51 fouls. West Virginia’s, Esa Ahmad, had 5 sloppy turnovers on his own and Gonzaga’s own, Nigel William-Goss, also had his own 5 turnovers.

Shifting to a positive note, Jevon Carter of West Virginia did contribute quite a substantial amount to getting the Mountaineers even close to beating Gonzaga. He scored 21 points on a 6 of 17 shooting performance while grabbing 7 rebounds on the way.

Unfortunately for Carter, nobody else on his team scored in the double digits nor did anybody else who shot more than once shoot above .33%. Overall, an abysmal night for the Mountaineers on offense and it was just as much of a struggle on defense.

Every starter, with the exception of Josh Perkins, scored at least 10 points. As an addition to that heap of team basketball, every starter grabbed at least 3 rebounds with William-Goss leading the pack with 7 of his own boards.

At the end of the day, West Virginia was out-rebounded and out-shot in their 58-61 loss at the hands of the Gonzaga Bulldogs. Gonzaga will play either Xavier or Arizona in the Elite Eight.

Oh, and Chris Webber just made up for that dumb heart comment a couple of days ago by providing us with this astonishing piece of commentary.