Underdog Andre Berto is not taking any days off in his preparation for the biggest fight of his career.  Berto squares off Saturday September 12 against the pound for pound champion Floyd Mayweather.  Andre is taking this fight more serious then any other fight he has ever had.  Berto looks to defy the odds and hand Money his first loss as a professional.

According to Berto he is already weighing in at 149lbs two weeks before the fight.  Usually Berto is weighing in at 155 pounds two weeks prior to a fight and  has preached to the media he is not fatigued at all and is in the best shape of his career.

“I’m not trying to be this low that’s the thing,” Berto said. “I’ve been eating three, four times a day, taking in a lot of calories, taking in a lot of good proteins and carbs. I’m just putting the right things in my body, use everything as fuel.

“I’ve had the energy. My shoulders are good. It’s my first time in a while coming into a fight with no injuries. This is the healthiest I’ve been since I can remember.”

Andre is in a mindset he has never been in before.  He has dedicated his life to the fight in September and it has shown physically, Berto’s body is shredded.  Andre is looking like the most physically in shape fighter Floyd has faced in his storied career.  Berto is blocking out all distractions while training for the fight, he usually is active on social media prior to fights.  However, he has been 100% dedicated to the fight which  is reflected in his social media.


When asked about what Floyd does during his training camps Berto responded with “I don’t want to watch him bowling. I don’t want to watch him with any of the broads. I don’t want to watch see him driving any of his little Tonka cars. None of that,” Berto said. “I just want to see him Sept. 12. That’s it.”

Andre Berto is taking a different approach to this fight, he is digging deep and blocking out all distractions that will prevent him from having the best chance to defeat Floyd.  Berto squares off against Floyd Saturday September 12 on Showtime PPV.