Here we are just moments away from what could be the last fight of Floyd Mayweather’s illustrious career.  Money steps into the ring to face Andre Berto September 12th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

This fight is big to Floyd. It’s a chance to tie himself with the best and truly solidify himself as TBE ,although Berto is not the strongest opponent Money faced he brings quickness and power that can disrupt Floyd in the ring.

To Mayweather, boxing has always been business.  This fight is no difference, Money is training as hard as he does for every other fight.

“It’s like they say in football, any given Sunday. I say, ‘Any given Saturday, anything can happen.’ So I’m prepared. I’m prepared mentally and physically. I’m in top shape. I’m ready. I’m pretty sure he’s in top shape, and he’s ready. But I’m not going to overlook him.” Mayweather said in an interview with the media.

Andre Berto is a former champion and flopped prospect. Berto has lost 3 of his last six fights ,but has been plagued with injuries in his previous six bouts. Now Andre says he is feeling 100% and is in the best shape of his life.

One major factor that separates Floyd and Berto is that Floyd is a boxer and Berto is a fighter to very different ideas and philosophies.  Floyd is perfectionist who preaches about hitting and not getting hit. Floyd finds his opponents weakness and exposes them over 12 rounds.  Berto is fighter ,he comes out in all of his fights and is relentless in his persuit for victory. As we have seen in the pass Berto has taken serious punishment and has also given out serious punishment.

Keys to victory
Floyd Mayweather: In order for Floyd to win he has to do what he’s done in his previous 48 professional fights. dominate and make it hard for opponents to get to him.  Floyd has always been strong in the middle of the ring if he stays there he should win with ease.

Andre Berto:  In order for Berto to win it is going to take alot. The first key is that he has to do something that Floyd has never seen before to throw him off a little in the early rounds. Next is to get Mayweather on the ropes. As we have seen before Floyd is somewhat vulnerable on the ropes. If Berto wants to have a chance to win he’s gotta rough Floyd up and on the ropes is the best place to do that. Finally he’s going to have to land some devastating shots. If Berto can get Floyd to wobble and buckle he has a legit chance. Berto has to make Floyd fear him.

My take: Floyd wins by unanimous decision.  This could be one of Floyds easiest fights in his carreer. There is no excuse if Floyd looses this fight.  It should be a very one-sided fight unless Berto does something remarkable.

Floyd will make approximately 32 million while Berto will only make 4.

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Aniello Piro

Spark Sports Analyst