After making somewhere around 300 million dollars and selling about 4 million PPV’s in the “fight of the century” Floyd Mayweather took a dramatic step back in his bout against Andre Berto.

Kevin Iole of Yahoo Sports reported that Mayweather’s fight against Andre Berto on September 12th drew around 400,000 – 500’000 PPV buys. Showtime Sports Executive Vice Presdient and General Manager Stephen Espinoza commented on the low numbers.

“To a large extent, anything we did coming off of that massive May 2 event was going to feel like a bit of a letdown. We didn’t have available a really compelling list of available opponents. There’s been a lot of speculation about a lot of things, but when you got down to it, there wasn’t really a long list of available guys and none of them were slam dunk established stories or really compelling storylines.”

Floyd defeated Andre in one of the most one sided fights of Moneys illustrious career. Mayweather kept Berto off his game the entire night leading to an unanimous decision in favor of the pound for pound king.

After the fight Andre Berto told TMZ that the low numbers were a result of Floyd dancing around the ring.

“It’s definitely Floyd’s fault, He left a sour taste in everybody’s mouth because of the Pacquiao bomb shell. I knew if he had the chance he would run around and make it boring, but I tried my best to not let that happen and disappoint the people. They deserve excitement.”

The fight was Floyd’s final fight of his lucrative contract he signed with Showtime.  Money boosted his record to 49-0 and tied boxing legend Rocky Marciano’s record. With such low PPV numbers and such a small payday compared to what he brought in on May 2nd it is a belief that Floyd will fight one more mega fight and break the record set by Rocky and solidify himself as TBE (The Best Ever).

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Aniello Piro

Spark Sports Analyst