According to Filipino super star Manny Pacquiao his right sholder has “completely healed”.  Bob Arum of Top Rank addressed the media earlier in the week about his prized fighters shoulder.

Pacquiao hurt his right shoulder in round four of the “fight of the century” back on May 2nd and has not had any action in the ring since. Bob Arum has provided the media a list of potential fights for Pacquiao in the upcoming year. Amir Khan and Juan Manuel Marquez are two of the bigger names that have been floated around. Manny has also made it very public that he wants to return to the ring sometime in early 2016.
However, Arum has suggested that Pacquiao will not fight until he is cleared by Doctor ElAttrache the doctor who preformed shoulder surgery on Manny.

“We’ll have to see [about his next fight], but I’m not making a fight for Manny Pacquiao until he’s 100% cleared by Dr. ElAttrache,” Arum said while addressing the media.

Pacquiao is 57-6-2 and is approaching the end of his storied career.

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