We are four days away from Mayweather-Berto and more than 2000 tickets are still available. This is unheard of for a Floyd Mayweather showdown!

The follow up to Mayweather-Pacquiao has not drawn well at all. Most fans of the sport are upset that Mayweather would take such an easy fight to supposedly end his career. “The only reason why Floyd Mayweather selected the 31-year-old Andre Berto to fight this Saturday night is because he wants an opponent that he can definitely knockout.” 43 year old “Sugar” Shane Mosely said in an interview with boxing news 24.

This could be very true considering Berto is not a big name in the sport.  Floyd has not scored a knockout in what seems to be eternity, this could be his chance. Berto however has heart and does not go down easily.

In an effort to spark numbers the pound for pound king and his promotion team have been preaching that this will be the last fight in Floyd’s illustrious career.
However, Mayweather promotions is presented with a challenge to push the fight. Since his last fight was considered the bust of the century fans are reluctant to purchase the PPV or buy tickets.

Prices for tickets have been slashed in last effort to fill the MGM Grand. Prices range from $125-$1500.  An average ticket price for Mayweather-Pacquiao was $6,820. 

Floyd will not come close to the 220 million he brought in on May 2nd which leaves the door open for a possible shot at 50-0 and one more mega pay day for Floyd “Money” Mayweather.

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