After Floyd Mayweather continuously hammered Manny Pacquiao about the possible use of PED’s before their mega fight it seems as if Floyd is the one who could have used an illegal substance to gain a competitive edge on May 2nd.

Thomas Hauser of SB Nation mentions that Floyd Mayweather received an illegal IV prior to his bout on May 2nd to help with dehydration.  The report shows that United States Anti-Doping Agency found evidence that Mayweahter used an illegal IV after weigh ins. Some parts of the statements are unclear ,but what is clear is that Mayweather broke World Anti-Doping Agency policy  The policy states that fighters are prohibited from using IV’s because they can be used to hide banned substances and performance enhancing drugs.

It is unknown if the IV was specifically used for rehydration purposes or if it was used to mask any illegal substances that could have given Floyd a competetive edge. However, now Mayweather’s reputation for being a “clean” fighter has some what been tainted.

This incident further shows Mayeather and the USADA relationship is laxed somewhat. Once Money rose to the top he controlled his camps drug tests.  Controversially, it has been reported that Mayweather and the USADA come together and agree to drug test on Mayweahter’s conditions.

Both Mayweather and Pacquiao have not commented on the situation.

Nevertheless, Mayweather is in preparation to square off against Andre Berto this weekend and this is not the type of media attention he would like to draw on his way to retirement. 

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Aniello Piro

Spark Sports Analyst