Aside from Leo Santa Cruz vs Abner Mares last night there was another fight between to veteran fighters.  Sugar Shane Mosley returned to the ring to face the veteran Ricardo Mayorga  Saturday night at the Historic Forum.  In the sixth round the 43 year old Mosley dropped Mayorga with a body shot 2:59 into the sixth.

Mosley improved his record to 48-9-1 following the dominant victory Saturday night.  Mayorga fell to 31-9-1 and now has only won one fight in his previous six bouts.  Mosley fought Mayorga earlier in his career, Sugar beat Ricardo in the last second of the 12th round nearly seven years ago.

Sugar promoted the fight himself and interesting enough he scheduled  the fight on the same night as Santa Cruz vs Mares which was held only ten minuets away at the Staples Center.  Mosely did what he intended and that was flat out domination.  Shane has been continuously saying he wants one more big fight.  Two of the big names that have been floated around by Sugar are Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.

“I’ve already proved it to myself. I want to prove to the world. Not only that, but Bernard Hopkins is fighting at 50 years old. Nowadays, people are staying healthy and I’ve been in the gym training. I already know I’m a bad man, I’m sharp, I’m fast, I’m gonna hit hard. I’m this sharp right now because I’m healed. Now I can move. It’s different now.”  Mosley said.

Sugar has preached to the media that he is in great shape and is on the same level as Floyd or Manny.  Insisting that he is the Mosley of old he thinks he deserves one more chance at a belt.  However, if Mosley wants that chance he is going to have to earn it.  Since loosing to Miguel Cotto Sugar is 4-5-1 not very impressive for someone claiming he deserves a shot at the title.  If Shane were to get that shot he would need to dominate every single fight he fights in from now until the opportunity presents its self ,along with that he will have to face and defeat quality opponents.  Mosley was quick and powerful in his prime but has taken a step back, but one thing is for sure Shane works hard every single day which leaves the door open for one more mega fight.

Photo credit Jeff Gross/ Getty Images

Aniello Piro

Spark Sports Analyst