Early Monday morning, Tiger Woods was arrested for driving under the influence near his home in Jupiter, Florida according to a report from the Palm Beech County Police. Woods spent several hours in jail before being released at 11 AM.

Woods was found asleep at the wheel with his car running when officers arrived. His speech was slurred and struggled with roadside sobriety tests, but Woods was cooperative and blew a 0.00 breath test, showing no alcohol was involved in the arrest.

Now, this specific arrest is not the final straw for Tiger Woods by any means. Many golfers have had their issues with drugs and alcohol. Dustin Johnson, currently the number one golfer in the world according to Official World Golf Ranking, has had his share of substance issues before bouncing into recent success. Even John Daly, golf’s resident drinker, recently won the Insperity Invitational. Golf proivides the longest careers for its players, so there is definitely time for Tiger to seek help and work out his demons.

However, recently, it feels like all good news comes with bad news for Tiger. Last week, Tiger made a public statement saying, “I haven’t felt this good in years,” after his most recent back surgery. But that has been the continuing story with Tiger since 2008. After injury comes talk of feeling well in rehab, then a withdrawal or missed cut, then another injury, more talk of improving in rehab, rinse, repeat.

Tiger hasn’t won a PGA Tour event in four years, and he hasn’t won a major since the U.S. Open in 2008, almost nine years ago. To catch up to the Golden Bear in major championships, Tiger needs four more majors, but even Jack Nicklaus only won his final major after 24 years on the tour. Tiger is in his 21st year as a professional golfer this year. Majors may no longer be in the cards for one of the PGA’s most exhilarating and popular players, but tour wins could still be there for Tiger if and when he can fully return

So can Tiger bounce back from his recent scandals and injuries? Possibly. Will he ever return to form? Likely not. Should we give up on Tiger Woods? I know I’m not ready to just yet.