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Well, The Belmont Stakes, which is the third part of horse racing’s Triple Crown, took place a few weeks back in Elmont, New York.

Yes yes, the horses really work hard in their races, but their owners will be playing just as hard in advancing their lavish lifestyle.

If you didn’t already know, most people who attend these events are well off and live a lifestyle with a good amount of funds.

This came to my attention after watching an episode of “Secret Lives of the Super Rich”. The episode showed how horse owners really pay the big bucks to live with their standard of being a horse owner. It showed how horse owners would pay thousands of dollars to transfer a prize thoroughbred on the new and improved “Air Horse One”. Check out another one of their episodes on your free time below!

However, that sum of money does not compare to the amount they spend on pre- and post-race events. Whether this is a get together or a party, the most prestigious people are the only guests allowed entrance.


None of the previous events in the history of the sport compared to last month’s Hermitage Grand Gala Derby Eve party, which was held the night before the Kentucky Derby.

Guests at this soiree (french word for party), ate a ham that sold for $2 Million at an auction last year.

$2 Million Dollar Ham

Yes yes, you read that right. Your vision is not impaired. When I first read that, I decided right away I needed to calm down after a minute of my mouth wide open! I could not believe somebody would spent that kind of money on something you could buy for less than 100 bucks.

Well, I guess when you have unlimited funds of money, why not buy a ham for that kind of money. Lets see what these rich horse owners are going to do next. Is it stupid? yes, in my opinion. But, is it unlogical? I can’t say that because its their money.

Horse races are something to watch. I realize why they make so much money. Its fascinating! But is it worth spending it on a ham? Let me know what you guys think. Would you spend $2 Million on a ham? What would you spend that kind of money on? Comment below on your take on this very efficient payment. Leave a like and share if you enjoy πŸ™‚

Hagop Margossian

Founder of Spark Sports

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