This is the topic that every single person, or mostly everybody, is talking about at the moment. If you guys got a chance to watch the ESPY’s last night, then you definitely know what this is about.

The ESPY courage award goesย to an athlete who overcame adversity and did all he can to become a world success in his eyes and in the eyes of the audience.

Last years victor was the legendary Stuart Scott, who after many years of being a dedicated ESPN anchor, passed away from cancer in January.

It was said from before the night had begun that Caitlyn Jenner was going to win this prestigious award after her decision of gender change. Many people see her as a symbol for all transvestites in the world who ignore society and judgment, and do what they want deep down in their heart. To come out and do what she wants, good for her, but what is everyone else thinking?

You could be like she doesn’t care what everyone is thinking. She did what she wanted and thats all that matters, nobody should judge her. Well, I don’t think thats the issue that most Americans are preaching.

So what is the issue?

If you don’t know about a man named Noah Matthew Galloway, be ready to be amazed.ย Galloway is a former United States Army soldier, and a model and motivational speaker. He was injured during the Iraq War, losing his left arm above the elbow and left leg above the knee. With an artificial leg and a missing arm, he participates in 5k and 10k runs, Crossfit competitions, Spartan runs, and Tough Mudders.

There are two different opinions people have about this issue right now. One side is observing the fact that Caitlyn Jenner, who used to be an olympic runnerย as Bruce Jenner, won the award on an aspect that has nothing to do with sports. Yes, they say Bruce Jenner was an athlete, but turning into a transvestite doesn’t make you as courageous as Mr. Galloway has been. People turn transvestite every single day. What makes her different?

The other opinion people have is the fact that many people like Caitlyn do want to be a transvestite but don’t due to the fact that they think they will be judged, mocked, and tortured about it. It is very courageous for a person in the standard of Caitlyn, to come out in from of millions of people and make the moves she makes. Very respectable. I am sure she helped manyย children lose their fear around the world.

Who actually deserved the ESPY Courage award?
Who actually deserved the ESPY Courage award?

Which side is the right one? There isn’t a right side. They both have key points that should be put together for one solid idea. Caitlyn Jenner is not an athlete anymore, but was at one time during his/her life. She can be helping many people around the world, which is always a good thing. The only problem with it is the fact that what a man like Noah Galloway has accomplished.

He showed the world that with nothing, you can make everything. He knows that someone else in the world has it even worse than him, so he just keeps moving forward with what he have. Respect.

This is going to be an ongoing issue for a while, and I can’t wait to see what you guys think. Let me know on who you think should have won, and why? Keep in mind the definition of the ESPY courage award, and don’t forget to share. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

Hagop Margossian

Founder of Spark Sports

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