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Sunday, June 21


Dream Team on the battlefield!
Dream Team on the battlefield!

If you didn’t know by now, pie throwing has become the biggest sport in the world. No, I am completely joking.

But for the Japanese, this is where they excel. This is where they show the world who they are! They are the sharpest knife in the drawer when in comes to throwing pies.

On Saturday June 20, the country won the 48th annual World Custard Pie Throwing Competition Championship.

OhΒ Jesus.

I keep saying the name of that competition in my head and I still can’t say it without a small giggle. Maybe I’m just weird. You should challenge yourself to say it in your head three times , and see if you actually stay with a still face. That would deserve a high five from yours truly.



Eighteen teams — 17 of them from the United Kingdom — showed up in Coxheath, UK, to battle for the chance to be in the upper crust of this pie-eyed sport, according to Yahoo! News UK.

The game has a pretty simple set of rules. Four people make up a team. You have to dress in a bizarre costume of your choice, and your team of four must stand next to each other and throw pies at the team standing eight feet away from you.

As you hit your target, you feel like a boss and earn your team some points, but wait, how are these points distributed?

When you hit someone in the face (like a headshot in a military video game) it is worth a magical 6 points. When you hit them in the chest with the pie, oh my it is five points! Hitting them on the arms gets you three points, and your points get deducted if you miss three pies in a row.

QUICK FACT: I don’t know about you but I am playing this game while you’re reading this article. I picked up this new hobby and I’m never letting go.

The Japanse team that was competing under the moniker “ITTE-Q” faced a team called the Fairy Cakes in the final battle. But the members of the Japanese team were not their to play around. They were on a mission. They were on a mission like Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors.0

In one of the interviews, the leader of the Japanese dream team said that “[they] came all the way from Japan just to win this competition. So, [they] will win.” Wow, I am not sure, but I feel like Japanese people are very confident people, whether it is martial arts, or pie throwing. Respect!

They also promised everyone in the sport that they would be back next year taking the crown again. No mercy. They are here to destroy! Destroy I tell you! No playing around here.

So, in conclusion, sports are evolving and you better not miss out! Go outside and try it out yourself, comment below on how your experience was, and what you think about this mind-boggling sport πŸ™‚

Your comments are much appreciated πŸ™‚

Thank you!

Hagop Margossian

Founder of Spark Sports

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PS: I love Japanese food and can not wait to visit Japan <3

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