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Is Jesus back? No, Jesus is not back, but professional rider Niklas Ajo had some of the miracle powder.

Have you guys ever seen those movies in which people jump out of cars, bikes, motorcycles, or any transportation to save their lives? In movies, it is called acting. In real life, to escape from a disaster especially at great speeds is very risky and threatening.

However on Saturday, a professional rider named Niklas Ajo thought differently. This Moto3 Dutch Grand Prix featured this rider as the Finn kept his KTM upright despite being tossed wildly off the track—and then crossed the finish line without actually being on the bike. This seems physically impossible.


“Seems” is the key word. As this rider was turning into the last part of the race to cross the finish line, he had other things in mind. He decided he needed to go down on his knees to save his own life. Take a look:



Many people said that this “seemed impossible”. Well Niklas Ajo is here to tell you that he knows how to ride a bike. What amazing control, balance , to land that without any problems. Imagine what he must be thinking? One wrong move and I’m done? One wrong move and I can be on the cover of the next sports news station saying Niklas Ajo killed in bike race.

Thats something scary to see, but also awesome! Imagine seeing that in person, that would be great. But, clearly from the video we can see how much he had to extend his leg and press on the floor to keep his balance. Great work Niklas!

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