With the 2017 Baseball Hall of Fame results already completed and solidified, let’s look forward to 2018 and the players who will be on the ballot for the first time. Among these seven big names, some may get in, while others may not. So the question becomes: Which of these names could join those in Cooperstown on their first year of eligibility?

#1 – Chipper Jones: The former Atlanta Brave will be on the 2018 ballot for the first time. The switch hitting third baseman, was a huge part of the Braves’ success when he was on the team. He had over 2,700 hits, nearly 550 doubles, and 468 home runs. He spent his entire career in Atlanta, spanning from 1993 to 2012, which was a noticeably long tenure with one team. That could help him even more with the HOF voters (baseball writers). Jones was an eight-time All-Star, as well as the 1999 season MVP award winner, a season where he did not even make the All-Star team. Don’t forget that he also drew 1,500-plus walks in his 19 year career. Notably, he had ZERO scandals in relation to baseball, which should also further help his case.

Will Chipper get in the HOF in 2018?

Prediction: YES.


#2 – Jim Thome: Thome spent 21 seasons in the MLB, two more than Chipper Jones. He did spend times with other teams, 8 to be exact. He was one of the better hitters in his time, a very good power hitter. His notable years were in Cleveland, Philadelphia, and Chicago (White Sox). His OPS is .956, which is 20th all-time. He played until age 42, which should help him with the writers. He is a 5-time All Star and spent many seasons where he was within the top 25 in MVP voting; the closest he got was 4th in 2003 with the Phillies, where he hit 47 home runs and had over 130 runs batted in. He was a 13th round draft pick too, so he exceeded all of the expectations he had as a 13th round pick.

Will Thome get in the HOF next year?

Prediction: Yes, it’ll be close but yes.