This is the second addition of the playoff prediction series, you can see the National League Predictions here.

Let’s start in the American League East:

TeamWinsLossesGames BackRemaining opponents winning percentage
New York Yankees6150.490
Toronto Blue Jays6252.5.499
Baltimore Orioles57554.5.507
Tampa Bay Rays57565.503


Here come the Blue Jays. With all the trade deadline changes they’ve made including the acquisitions of Troy Tulowitzki and David Price, they’re on an unstoppable tear winning 9 straight games. They are my pick to win the American League East. The Yankees and Blue Jays have an important series coming up against each other where they could very easily be tied for the lead going into the series, starting on the 14th. As for the Orioles look for them to be a sneaky team coming down the stretch and although I firmly believe the Yankees rotation is underrated and one of the best in the division, look for the Yankees and Orioles to be in a fight for 2nd place and a wild card spot.

Now to the American League Central:

TeamWinsLossesGames BackRemaining opponents winning percentage
Kansas City Royals6844.488
Minnesota Twins565612.511
Detroit Tigers545914.5.517


The Kansas City Royal will win this division, and there shouldn’t be any surprise with that after looking at the standings. With the best record in the American League the Royals are solidifying their spot in the playoffs everyday and are showing teams they weren’t a one hit wonder last year. Although they’re a favorite to win the division, it’ll be interesting to see how well they do in the playoffs. They have the pitching to go deep, but because of the pitching staff’s youth and inability to control their emotions on the mound (which you can see below), they’ll have to find a way to get through their troubles.

And now the American League West:

TeamWinsLossesGames BackRemaining opponents winning percentage
Houston Astros6153.495
Los Angeles Angels59531.501


This is the toughest division to predict the winner of. The Astros have a solid pitching staff with Keuchel, Kazmir, Fiers, McHugh, and Feldman, along with the young position players like Gomez, Tucker, Altuve, Lowrie, Castro, Valbuena, Springer (When he comes back from the DL), and possibly the best shortstop in the game Correa. They have a stacked lineup, especially when you take into account veteran power hitters like Rasmus, Carter, and Gattis. Just going through those names, you would think that a team like that couldn’t lose, but they have been lately.

After losing 3 of 4 to the Athletics, they take on Giants and then the Tigers. Now the Angels also have a good team, including the best player in the game right now Mike Trout. But they are lacking in the pitching department, with their starting rotation featuring Weaver, Richards, Shoemaker, Santiago, and the rookie Heaney. For that reason, I don’t see the Angels being able to beat the Astros in the division. The Astros’ pitching rotation makes the difference for me and the lack of pitching in Anaheim will hinder them come September.

Wild Card Time:

TeamsWinsLossesGames BackRemaining opponents winning percentage
Toronto Blue Jays6252+2.499
Los Angeles Angels5953.501
Tampa Bay Rays57562.5.503


With the amount of teams in this race, it’s tough to say who the 2 winners will be. Before we get into that, let’s make a note that I said the Blue Jays would win their division so the Yankees would actually take their place in the Wild Card Race and they would currently be 2.5 games ahead of the Angels. That being said I do believe the Yankees will make the postseason. As I’ve hinted to, they have a good starting rotation and an even better bullpen.

The biggest race will be for 2nd place, and look for the Orioles to make a run at the Angels who have been scuffling. The Orioles have difference makers like Davis, Parra, Jones, Wieters, Hardy, and Machado, and although the Angels have Trout I just don’t see anyone else stepping up to help push them going down the stretch. I may be the only person to not have the Angels in the postseason, but I just can’t ignore the potential that the Orioles have shown.

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Belal Ahmed

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