Alright, the reason it was originally not ruled that the batter was out was because the umpires said that Anthony Rizzo was “out of play” while making the catch. Paraphrased, this is the rule – If you have a part of your body in play while making a catch, then it’s a catch. When the umpires realized that Rizzo’s right foot was in play, they overturned their original ruling and called the batter out.

Quick Note

Notice how Rizzo throws the ball back into play before falling to the ground, the reason he does that is because if he completely falls into the stands with the ball, the runner – in this case Lucroy – would be able to go to second. After overturning the call, they umpired determined that Rizzo did not throw the ball back into play in time and allowed Lucroy to go to second.

Belal Ahmed

Spark Sports Baseball Analyst

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