With the second half of the MLB season just getting underway, the Chicago Cubs find themselves with a less-than-stellar 43-45 record, tied with the St. Louis Cardinals for second in the division.

Surprisingly, both of these “powerhouse” teams are looking up at the Milwaukee Brewers, who are 5.5 games up on them in first place.

After 108 years of being the “lovable losers”, could the Cubs be heading back into that rut? Last year, they had the best record in the league at 103-58 and won a World Series for the city of Chicago. They went 97-65 the previous year as well. Analysts and sports fans across the U.S. have been struck by the performance of this team. The majority of them had the Cubs as favorites to repeat as champs. It’s safe to say that this year, the Cubs have

Photo Credit to Chicago Cubs Online

been a mystery, and recent rumors and transactions would lead fans and the rest of the league to think that they are panicking.

A few days ago, the Cubs dangled one of their future studs, Kyle Schwarber, out in the trade talk world, but why? The young outfielder is in a slump, yes… but to try and give up on him so easily? How are the Cubs so eager to part ways with a young man who propelled them to a World Series victory after being hurt all of last season? What did they want in return for him? Absolutely absurd; they asked the Tigers to give up their All-Star Pitcher Michael Fulmer or Daniel Norris, another unique talent.

On top of that, not even 48 hours ago, the Cubs performed the first blockbuster trade this season, involving 4 of their prospects, and what did they get in return? Jose Quintana, a 28-year-old quality starter at best. Quintana, who has an average ERA of 4.5 and a stunning 4-8 record this year, is definitely not worth 3 prospects AND a top 10 prospect in Eloy Jimenez.

I thought the Cubs were building for the future? I projected them to be a playoff team for years to come and for them to rack up NL Central titles. After the past week or so, I can’t say confidently that they could make the playoffs this year. I know I’m not alone when I say this, but the Cubs are in deep trouble.

Clearly, the Cubs are lost and confused. It will be interesting to see what happens during the second half of the season.