With everyone’s focus on Super Bowl 51, the Royals made a move to bolster their rotation, as they signed former Cubs starter Jason Hammel to a 2-year deal worth $16 milliion. Hammel won the World Series with the Cubs last year, and now he joins a team who has been to 2 of the last 3 World Series, winning one of them.

Hammel’s career has spanned over 11 seasons and he has been on multiple teams. Those stints include 3 years in Tampa Bay, Chicago, and Colorado, 2 in Baltimore and then 1 in Oakland. Now he has signed a 2-year deal with the Royals; this upcoming year will be his 7th year in AL. He played 6 years in the NL as well.

He is coming off of a season where he won a career-high 15 games, he won 33 total games in Chicago in 3 of his years there. In the NL, he won 60 games between his years in Chicago and Colorado. Then winning 24 games in AL, losing 35 as well. So he has been better in the NL than the AL. Time will tell how he does in Kansas City, however.