With a little over a week to go in this wild season to go, it’s time to take a quick look at the playoff picture.

American League East

The Toronto Blue Jays are ahead of the Yankees by 3.5 games and the two teams are in the middle of 3 game series. With the Jays taking the first game, they’ll look to build on that lead in the upcoming games. If you look into the next few games, the Jays play 2 teams in their division that aren’t in the playoff hunt, the Orioles and the Rays. As for the Yankees, they play the Orioles, Red Sox, and White Sox more teams that aren’t in the playoff hunt. This will be an interesting division coming down the stretch, but I don’t see a scenario where the Yankees pass the Jays up.

American League Central

This is the easiest division to call, the Royals are up 11 games and will win this division with no question.

American League West

This division will be interesting right down to the last game. The Rangers are leading the Astros by 1 game and the Angels are only 4.5 games back too. With the Rangers having 3 games against the Astros and 4 games against the Angels, this division is a toss up and all depends on the way each team plays each other. My guess is that the Astros find a way to pull it off and pass the Rangers for first place. They have so much young talent and the right amount of pitching to pull it off.

National League East

With the Nationals’ untimely demise, the Mets have a clear path to get into the playoffs. With their young and talented pitching, look for them to easily get into the playoffs while giving Matt Harvey the rest he needs to pitch to his potential.

National League Central

The Cardinals have just lost their leader in Yadi Molina for the week, and that temps me to say that they’ll struggle to be able to stay first in their division. What stops me from saying that is their farm system. Stephen Piscotty and Randal Grichuk, although he was traded for, are the future of birds and they’ll have the chance to prove it in the postseason. The Pirates and Cubs will both make the playoffs as well, but they’ll have to compete for the last spot in the Wild Card Game.

 National League West

The Giants have been struggling mightily. It might be because it’s an odd year, or it might be because they just got outplayed by the Dodgers. The Dodgers, with Greinke and Kershaw, have pitched their way into the postseason and will finish first in their division.

Wild Card Divisions

I’ve already given away my National League Wild Card teams, but as for the American League with the Astros passing the Rangers in the near future and the Yankees inability to pass the Blue Jays, it’ll be those two teams playing in the one card playoff in New York.

Belal Ahmed

Spark Sports MLB Analyst