Jorge Mas, a prominent Miami businessman has been identified as the mystery third bidder in the sale of the Miami Marlins, per Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald. Mas is the chairman and co-founder of MasTec.

According to their website, they are “contractors that engineer, procure, construct and maintain the infrastructures that enable electric transmission and distribution, oil and natural gas pipeline, and communications companies to successfully facilitate the production and delivery of their products.”

Mas is also the chairman of the Cuban American National Foundation a organization focused on bringing democracy to Cuba.

Mas’ Cuban ties could bring life to a lifeless park located in Little Havana.

MLB sources say the Mas is “The most favored and logical bidder given he’s a Cuban American born in Miami with extensive local ties to a successful business and has the capital to fund the team.”

Mas is willing to contribute $200 million or more of his own money, and is activley seeking investors to fund the rest and solidify his bid. It is also unclear if Mas is willing to meet the asking price of $1.3 billion.

Wednesday, Jeter and his partner Greg Fleming met in New York with commissioner Manfred and Marlins President David Samson. It is believed that Jeter is well short of current owner Jeffery Loria’s $1.3 billion price tag. Jeter is currently seeking more investors now that Jeb Bush has left his group.

However, Bush did join the group that was led by Tagg Romney and businessman Wayne Rothbaum. Bush left Jeter’s group last month after Jeter made it clear that he wanted to control the business and baseball operations.

The Bush/Romney/Rothbaum group has submitted  a bid of $1.1 billion, and hopes are to complete the sale of the team before the July 31 trade deadline which is a little more than a month away.

According to the MLB, they allow no more than 40 percent of a purchase to be financed by debt and that any new owner must have sufficient funds to operate a team after it’s purchase.