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Royals favorites 4-1 to win World Series
Royals favorites 4-1 to win World Series

Since the beginning of the season, people have been picking their favorite on who they think is going to win the World Series this year. Just like in all major sports, this betting goes on in Vegas. The basis of the betting consists of the better riding with the favorites or the better risking his money with a team that has less odds of winning.

The Royals have had the best odds in winning the World Series in Vegas all year. Since the beginning of the season, most people had put their money on Kansas City (I know I did). According to MGM sportsbook, the Royals have the highest odds of coming out victorious with 4-1. Who would go against a 4-1 ratio? I know I wouldn’t.

This all began when MGM vice president of race and sports Jay Rood stated that “[MGM] took some pretty heavy action on the Royals the first weekend of the season,” which was regarding to a “a gentleman [betting] them three times, at 18-1, 15-1 and 10-1, all the way down, between $25,000 and $30,000 a pop.”

Along the lines of betting on the Royals was William Hill’s Nevada sportsbook, who took a $7,500 bet on Kansas City at 28-1 on April 12.

Other teams who are favorites to come out on top are the St. Louis Cardinals, at 9-2, Washington Nationals, at 5-1, and the Los Angeles Dodgers (6-1).

After noticing the fact that the Astros opened up at 100-1 and are down to 8-1, really showed me that some people are going to be making a fortune on them if they pull through and come out on top.

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As I was thinking about my previous statement, I heard that Jay Rood(MGM vice president) stated, “We’re on the hook for a seven-figure risk at 100-1 [on the Astros].”

Isn’t that something to see? Betting on a team that started off 100-1 and climbing up to being 8-1? Some questions are definitely begin asked on the legitimacy of the MGM sportsbook.

Every sportsbook has someone else racking in the most bets for the World Series champion.

At William Hill and the Westgate Superbook, the Royals are No.1 in money wagered. However, at MGM, the Chicago Cubs, having almost 4,000 bets on them to win the World Series, leading all others. The Cubs currently are in third place, trailing the Cardinals by 8.5 games. According to, the world series is scheduled to begin on October 27.

The only advice I can give to someone who currently has money wagered in this years World Series is that you better pray and hope that your team wins, because its probably a very low chance.

Hagop Margossian

Founder of Spark Sports

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