“Harv came up to me in the 9th inning in the dugout he said we are gonna do it next year and I told ya he does not lie to me.”  Manager Terry Collins said in his final press conference of the 2014 season.  Well, it is true Matt Harvey does not lie.  In a season filled with many peaks and valleys the 2015 New York Mets officially ended their nine year hiatus from the playoffs.  For the first time since 2006 the Mets are playing meaningful games in the month of October.  However, with out a few key moves and memorable moments the Mets might not have been where they are today.  Here is a break down of the soap opera that is the 2015 New York Mets Regular season.

Early On

The Mets started off the season RED hot winning 10 of their first 13 games which included taking the opening series against the Washington Nationals.  Early on things looked great for the Mets.  The pitching was solid as expected and they were putting up runs at a good rate.  The Mets quickly jumped out to a solid lead over the world series favorite Washington Nationals.  As a team the Mets pitchers went 15- 8 with a team era of 3.33 and holding their opponents batting average to .241.  The Mets offense hit .240 driving in 94 RBIs and hitting 16 balls out of the ballpark in April.


After a positive start to the season the Mets slipped in May only winning 13 of the 28 games they played in the month.  In May the Mets looked as bad as a baseball team could look.  The pitching was solid ,but the offense was outright awful.  The team only put up more than five runs in a game five times in the entire month.  The Amazins hit .234 in the month and only drove 90 runs.    The pitching was the only bright spot in the month of May.  The Staff managed to have an era of 3.38 striking out 233 batters in the process.  The Mets were outscored by nearly 40 runs by the then first place Washington Nationals and were slowly on a path they did not want to go down. The injuries sustained did have an effect on the Mets.  The team lost David Wright, Jerry Blevins, and Travis d’arnaud all at the beginning of the season.

June Gloom 

The Month of June was no better for the Mets. For the second moth in a row the Mets had a loosing month going 12-15 .  June was the worst month by far offensively.  As a team they hit a measly .227 driving in only 80 runs.  A AAA team could have performed better than the Mets did in June.  It was painful to watch the team for the better part of the month.  Players like Eric Campbell,  Kirk Nieuwenhuis ,and John Mayberry jr.  were starting on a regular basis.  All three of these batters hit under .200 in the first three months of the year.  Again the pitching was solid ,but were being handed losses due to the fact that the Mets could not score runs.  The pitchers had another solid era of 3.49 in June and were carrying the bulk of the load in the third month of the year.   The Mets were playing .500 baseball by the time June ended and were considered mediocre.


Things get better

By the time July rolled around no one truly knew what the true identity of the New York Mets was.  The Mets were in desperate need of a good month if they wanted to keep their playoff hopes alive.  Well, they did sorta.  With the All star break rapidly approaching it was clear that the Mets needed to start winning some games and get the bats going.  Well, the Mets were able to win 7 of 11 games prior to the mid summer classic and looked to have turned things on towards the midpoint of the season.  When play resumed the Mets had a legitmte chance to catch the Nationals for first place in the division.  The Amazins lost back to back to back series to the Cardinals and Nationals and needed some offensive fire power.  The team had a young AA prospect named Michael Conforto who was begging for a shot at the big leauge level.  With a bat desperately needed in the lineup the Mets took a shot and called up the 22 year old outfielder  in hopes he could help spark the Mets lineup.  The Mets also made a trade bringing in UTL player Kelly Johnson and infielder Juan Uribe from the Atlanta Braves.  The move was a small but impact move for the Mets.  In desperate need of proven bats the Mets went out and got two serviceable players who could impact the team in a number of ways.


What if I told you their was crying in baseball? 

On the night of June 29th the biggest most confusing day in Mets history occurred.  The Mets were playing in a night game against the San Diego Padres when all of a sudden the twitter world exploded with rumors surrounding the Mets and Carlos Gomez.  It was initially confirmed by numerous credible reliable sources that the Mets had traded Zack Wheeler and Wilmer Flores to the Milwaukee Brewers in exchange for Carlos Gomez.  Well when the news broke a Met fan had informed Flores that he had been traded.  Since Manager Terry Collins had no knowledge of a trade he kept Wilmer Flores in the game.  Well, Wilmer had been a member of the Mets organization since he was 16 years old and was a little rattled when news broke.  Flores was seen on the filed whipping away tears crying on the field.  Following the game  General Manager Sandy Alderson confirmed that the trade “Will not transpire” meaning that both Wheeler and Flores were going no where for the time being.  The trade that never was actually ended up being the best thing that happened to the Mets all year.


The Mets ended up loosing the series against San Diego ,but had a big series coming up against the first place Washington Nationals.  If the Mets were to sweep the series they could tie the Nationals for first place in the division.  Game one was a pitching duel, with the scored tied at one in the late part of the ballgame Wilmer Flores approached the plate with a chance to end the game with on swing of the bat.

Yes indeed he did! the Man that cried on the field just a few nights prior was now the man that turned the Mets season around.  Wilmer Flores delivered a walk off home run to end the ballgame and the rest was history! From that point on the Mets quickly turned into a team contending for the playoffs.


The Acquisition 

Prior to the walk off the Mets were still searching for a big bat to complete their offense.  With just seconds to spare the Mets were able to trade for Yoenis Cespedes from the Detroit Tigers.  Yoenis had an immediate impact and truly completed the Mets offensively.   Yoenis has played 52 games with the Mets and is hitting .294 with 44 RBIs and 17 homeruns.



With the Mets priorities straightened the Mets looked to gain a lead on the Washington Nationals.  Now in complete control of the division the Mets were in control of their own destiny.  The month of August was OUTSTANDING on both sides of the ball.  The Mets hit .269 driving in 160 runs and hitting 45 homeruns.  The Mets offense went from the worst in the league to the best.   Granderson, Murphy, Duda, Conforto, Flores, and many more Mets had all figured it out offensively.  The team was cruising in August and were now only missing one pence from truly completing the team  the Captian.  David Wright was diagnosed with spinal stenosis earlier in the year, and a return to the diamond in 2015 seemed unlikely however, like the captain he is David slowly made his way back to the lineup and has had an impact both on and off the field.   Since the all star break the Mets are hitting .265 which is among the best in the majors and have one of the if not the best pitching rotation in baseball.  The Mets pitching staff has a record of  42-25 an era of 3.70 and an opponents batting average of .251  since the break.


The clinching 

The Mets officially clinched the National League east on Saturday September 26 against the Cincinnati Reds.  This is the first time the Mets have made the playoffs since 2006.  The Mets will face the Dodger in the NLDS.  Currently the Mets have the lead over the dodgers in the standings meaning if they hold the lead the Mets will gain home field advantage against the Dodgers in the NLDS.

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