It is a well known fact that the Mets were swept by the Chicago Cubs in the seven games played between the two clubs in the regular season. However, the team the Cubs faced in the regular season is not the same team they will face in the NLCS.

“In looking at the pitching, I think that our young guys are a little more experienced, a little better command, [with] more confidence,” Mets general manager Sandy Alderson said. “So, I think, from that standpoint we’re in a better position. Offensively, it’s a different team — not totally, but significantly. So I don’t think that 0-7 registers much concern on the part of our players. But we certainly have to turn that around. We’d like to be 4-10 at the end of this with the Cubs.”

The Mets have added some key pieces since the last time the two teams met. The most prized addition was Yoenis Cespedes. Since joining the Mets Cespedes has completely changed the way the Mets operate offensively. Clearly Cespedes gave the Mets a spark , something they did not have prior.

In addition to Cespedes the Mets did not have Kelly Johnson, Tyler Clippard, and Addison Reed.

The Mets were also plagued with injuries. David Wright, Michael Cuddyer, and Travis d’arnaud were all on the shelf when the two teams last met.

In addition the Mets called up two of their top prospects Michael Conforto and Steven Matz. The Chicago Cubs have not seen either of the two players this year.

With all the change that has come since the last time the two clubs met the 0-7 regular season record could be thrown out. The Mets are a much different team then they were in the early parts of the year. They are greatly improved and will have a tough task ahead of them in the NLCS.

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Aniello Piro

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