The Blue Jays will be taking on the Rangers in the American League Division Series this year.

So why should you care about this series?

The Blue Jays and Rangers had the most momentum to finish out the season and both teams had incredible endings. The Blue Jays made key moves at the deadline such as grabbing David Price from the Tigers and Troy Tulowitzki from the Rockies.

The Yankees had a 6 game lead in the division at the time before Toronto went on an 11 game win streak and therefore took the AL East.

With this momentum the Blue Jays can surely be winners this postseason and could average at least 6 runs per game.

One thing their pitching will have to do is get out of the first inning because most pitchers tend to struggle doing so without giving up any runs.

However, Tulo will not be 100 percent and the  Rangers have more experience in the postseason.

The Postseason is very different from the regular season in there’s more emphasis on pitching than offense as we saw in the Astros and Yankees wild card game.

The Rangers may actually have the better pitching with Cole Hamels leading this Rangers team who has been their best pitcher since he arrived posting an ERA of 3.66 and a record of 7-1 as a Ranger.

The Rangers really do have a collection of players that have the capability to beat the Blue jays.

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Carl Anderson

Spark Sports MLB Analyst