You won’t be fined for them. You won’t even be suspended or restricted from baseball. So what’s the point of these rules and more importantly what are they. Unwritten rules are more like guidelines to live by while playing baseball. Some are obvious, like not to talk to a pitcher during a no-hitter or bunting to get on base with a 15 run lead, but some are not so obvious.

Here’s a few you may have never heard of:

    • When you’re ahead by far, don’t steal bases.
    • When you’re behind by far, don’t steal bases.
    • Do not admire a Home Run, when you hit one you can look at it, but act like you’ve been there before and take your trot around the bases.
    • Don’t step on the pitcher’s mound. Whether you’re a runner running back to the dugout after an out, or a player that’s running back to your dugout after the inning is over, do not step on that pitcher’s hill.

  • DO NOT BREAK UP A NO-HITTER WITH A BUNT. DON’T DO IT. *Unless you’re only down by 1
  • IF YOU ARE VERY OBVIOUSLY THROWING AT SOME, OR IF YOU’RE THROWING AT SOMEONE AT ALL, DO NOT GO FOR THEIR HEAD. Make your point by plunking them in the thigh, back, leg, almost anywhere but the head.

So what happens if you break one of the rules? Well if you talk to a pitcher during a no-hitter, that’s something that’ll get you a stern conversation from your other teammates. If you do something to show up the other team, or something that includes the other team like bunting to break up a no hitter, that’s going to get you – or worse, a teammate – a nice 95 mph fastball in the back. Some players will take a breaking of one of these rules a lot more serious than others. So although you may not be really breaking any rules, don’t break an unwritten rule. Other players and fans will notice them.

Let me know what you guys think!

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Belal Ahmed

Spark Sports MLB Analyst