The Baseball Writer’s Association of America will hold the annual Hall Of Fame announcement this upcoming Wednesday. At least three players have been inducted each of the past two years, and with the steroid era players clogging up the writers’ ballots, it’s extremely difficult to choose just ten players. There is an argument to be made that the ballot should be yes or no, not limiting it to ten players at maximum, but that is for another time. Add on the fact that no one from the Hall Of Fame nor the BBWAA will make an official statement or judgement about the PED users of the turn of the century. The writers are acting as “authenticity gatekeepers“, trying to act as a filter for an already-tainted palace that includes the likes of druggies, womanizers, and such. Again, that is an argument for another time.

First off, let me begin with what my ballot would look like, if I were to possess one:


Come Wednesday, at least one new player will be inducted into Cooperstown. Here are a couple of my predictions for the results:

1. Ken Griffey Jr. will break Tom Seaver‘s all time voting % record, nearing 100%.

I’ve had this eerie feeling over the past few weeks that Griffey would be the first to break 100% on the ballot. This year more than ever it is a possibility, with the BBWAA dropping over 100 inactive voters due to new rules. The old-time voters who wouldn’t vote for a player who is clearly making it have mostly been abolished from voting. This might be the year where Griffey makes history.

2. Mike Piazza will be inducted, with close to 80% of the votes.

Mike Piazza is the best offensive catcher of all time. He is tops in homers, and top-10 in basically ever other offensive counting statistic. With a career .308/.377/.545 slash line and 427 home runs, it makes it hard not to have him in the hall. His 9/21/2001 homer after 9-11 will forever be remembered in the hearts of all New York fans, and with his fourth try on the ballot, he should be inducted together with Junior.

3. Tim Raines, Jeff Bagwell, and Edgar Martinez will get extremely close.

Raines is one of the greatest leadoff hitters of all time, and the same can be said about the others in their respective positions. Raines is getting a major push, essentially from people suck as Ryan Spaeder, also known as @theaceofspaeder on twitter. Spaeder is an extremely skilled statistician who has made his claims for Raines under the hashtag #RockHOF.

Each of these players will near 65-70% of the votes, with each making it in the future years.


Isaac Sasson, Spark Sports MLB Analyst

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