Are you a Red Sox, Rays, Jays, Orioles or a Yankees fan? Are you just as excited as I am about the 2016 MLB season? Well, here are the must needs for each team in the AL East.

  1. Boston Red Sox:

The Sox need more pitching! Yes, they went out to get some pitching names like David Price And Craig Kimbriel, but I still feel this team is missing that spark! The Sox have to add at least one more starter who can give them quality starts.

2. Tampa Bay Rays:

The Rays need Evan Longoria To produce a lot more from what he already has. He’s that one game changer on that team still. They also need their pitching staff to stay healthy. Names like Chris Archer And Alex Cobb who in my opinion are their top pitchers (comment your opinion below) are also going to need some more hitters.

3. Baltimore Orioles:

The O’s of course need their power back for 2016. Chris Davis  is a free agent but he is still linked to the O’s. They did take care of that other missing link with the acquisition of Mark Trumbo, who can definitely provide some power if Davis were to go. I also believe that the O’s should look into exploring trade options for J.J. Hardy. Maybe get a pitching prospect or any young pitcher for that matter in return.

4. New York Yankees:

They are coming off a depressing devastating loss to the Astros in the AL wild card game 3-0.In my opinion the Yankees have to continue what they are doing; which is building their farm system back up. This may take some heartbreaking decisions but in the end the future will be as bright as ever for the Yankees. They are also going to need more players to step up next season such as CC sabathia And Jacoby Ellsbury As well as Chase Headley If these guys step up so will their winning percentage.

5. Toronto Blue Jays:

The Defending AL East champs already have their offense in check with names like Jose Baustista as well as Edwin Encarnacion. So it comes down to their pitching with the re-signing of J.A Happ. Their top pitcher as of right now has to be Marcus Stroman. I say the Blue Jays need one more pitcher in that rotation for security if they want to go places this season!


Carl Anderson

MLB Analyst for Spark Sports