The Spark Sports Baseball Analysts go through each round and decide who will win. The team with the most votes moves on until we have a World Series winner!

Wild Card Games

Cubs vs. Pirates

Aniello: I think Arrieta and the surging Cubs will make a triumphant return to the postseason. Cubs win.

Belal: Jake Arrieta, who should win the CY young award in my opinion, is the reason I’m leaning towards the Cubs. The key is if they can hit at an away stadium, especially Bryant. Cubs win.

Carl: The Cubs will win this battle because they’ll be starting Jake Arrieta who has posted an ERA of 1.77 and the Cubs have been hot as of late this series will last only 1 game. The pirate’s Gerrit Cole is capable of giving up 4 runs which is enough for the Cubs to take the game.

Derek: As a Cubs fan I am a little biased, but I believe the ace Jake Arrieta leads the Cubs to a 4-2 victory over the Pirates. I think this is unfortunate for both teams, they were the 2nd and 3rd best teams in the whole MLB in the regular season. I think both these teams could win series against the Dodgers or Mets, but just an unfortunate situation for them. Cubs win.

Nathan: Yes, Jake Arrieta has been very dominant. But I think that Andrew McCutchen has a monster game, and Gerrit Cole pitches like the ace he is. I say Pirates take this one.

Cubs: 4 Pirates: 1

Astros vs. Yankees

Aniello: Astros had a bit of a melt down towards the end of the year, I’m going with experience. Yankees win.

Belal: With the young and determined lineup led by their ace Dallas Keuchel, the Astros should be able to beat the Yankees in their home park. Astros win.

Carl: The Yankees may actually be catching a break because Keuchel won’t be well rested. It will still be tough, but all the Yankees need from Tanaka is at least 7 or 8 innings and they will be golden this series will only last 1 game. Yankees take the game.

Derek: Home field advantage and the veteran filled team helps the Yankees advance over the young Astros club. Yankees win 7-5.

Nathan: The Yankees are tough team to beat at home. Especially since Dallas Keuchel puts up not nearly as good of numbers on the road than he does at home. I think the Yankees offense gets the better of Keuchel in this one.

Astros: 1 Yankees: 4

National League Division Series

Cubs vs. Cardinals

Aniello: Although the Cardinals are decimated with injuries they have so much leadership which is why I have to them the Edge. Cardinals in 4.

Belal: It’s hard to vote against the team with not only the best record, but so much postseason experience, especially against a young team like the Cubs. Cardinals in 4.

Carl: The Cubs will win this series because even though the Cardinals had the best record, the momentum will shift towards the Cubs who want this more. Cubs win in 4 games.

Derek: Tough for me to decide, but it’s hard to pick against the MLB’s best regular season team. The Cardinals pitching has been great this season, but this doesn’t mean I am not rooting for an upset! Cardinals in 4.


Nathan: The Cardinals can’t be stopped. They have dynamic players everywhere, plus they’ll be getting a couple players back from injury. I can’t see anyone, especially the Cubs catching up to this amazing pitching staff. Cardinals sweep.

Cubs: 1 Cardinals: 4

Mets vs. Dodgers

Aniello: Should be a very good series but New York hasn’t had anything to cheer about in years and when they are firing on all cylinders they are tough to beat. Mets in 5.

Belal: This series will consist of some really good pitching duels, but in the end I have the Mets barely edging out the Dodgers. Mets in 5.

Carl: The Mets have the better pitching with Degrom, Colon, Synderguard. They will need these guys go as many innings as possible to outlast the Dodgers. Mets win in 5 games.

Derek: The Mets win because they are the better all-around team. They have the better all-around starting rotation and a better offense. The series goes to 7 only because of Kershaw and Greinke. Mets in 5.

Nathan: Same situation here, the Mets have an incredible staff. Yes, I know Clayton Kershaw is one of the best in the game and Zach Greinke is having a Cy Young caliber season, but I still think that the Mets have a better overall pitching staff and bullpen. Mets take this one with a couple of bumps in four games.


Mets: 5 Dodgers: 0

American League Division Series

Rangers vs. Blue Jays

Aniello: The Jays simply have too good of an offense. Jays in 4.

Belal: The Jays are a forced to be reckoned with this postseason, with their hard hitters the Rangers have their work cut out for them if they want to win. Blue Jays in 3.

Carl: It will no doubt be a high scoring series with both teams having one of the best lineups in this postseason, but it will come down to which pitching staff can hold those lineups and in my opinion, the Blue Jays have the better pitching. Blue Jays win in 5 games.

Derek: The Blue Jays trade deadline moves are the reason they are in the postseason. The Blue Jays haven’t made the postseason in over 20 years, but I don’t see that playing a factor, the fans in Toronto will be rocking and they will move on to the ALCS. Blue Jays in 5.

Nathan: Wow. Did the Rangers come out of nowhere or what? These are in my opinion the two best lineups in baseball as far hitting goes. I want to believe in Texas, I really do, but I can’t go against Toronto and that electric offense. Plus David Price is one of the best baseball has, going with Blue Jays in 4.

Rangers: 0 Blue Jays: 5

Yankees vs. Royals

Aniello: KC is back and better than ever. They are looking to finish off what they started last postseason. Royals in 4.

Belal: I don’t see the Yankees being able to beat the best team in the American League, especially when they have to play away from home. Royals in 4.

Carl: Royals will definitely take this one because they have the better offense and the Yankees pitching has struggled recently. Royals in 4 games.

Derek: Royals gained a lot of experience last postseason and their offense powers them into the NLCS. Royals in 4.

Nathan: Johnny Cueto hasn’t really been a huge factor for the Royals this season, but I say he turns that around in the postseason. I say Cueto has a dominant post season, and Eric Hosmer just lights it up in KC. Royals take it in 5.

Yankees: 0 Royals: 5

National League Championship Series

Mets vs. Cardinals

Aniello: This will be a very competitive series, but again got to go with experience. Mets young and unproven. Cardinals in 6.

Belal: If the Cardinals starting rotation and lineup can find its mid-season form, they should be able to keep up with the young pitching staff of the Mets and come out on top. Cardinals in 6.

Carl: The Cardinals will take this series because of the Mets’ bullpen. They are capable of blowing leads and allowing too many runs and the Cardinals still have a dangerous lineup. Cardinals win in 6 games.

Derek: They have a lot of playoff experience and they are the better team by far in my opinion. Cardinals in 5.

Nathan: Like I stated earlier, the Cardinals are the most all around team in baseball. I can’t see anyone stopping them, including the great staff of the Mets. Cardinals in 5.

Mets: 0 Cardinals: 5

American League Championship Series

Blue Jays vs. Royals

Aniello: It will be a matchup for the ages and it’ll be a good one, but I think the Blue Jays are too good of an offense. Jays in 7.

Belal: Although the Royals will have home field advantage, the Jays just have too much offense to be stopped by a team with a mediocre pitching staff. Blue Jays in 6.

Carl: Blue Jays have hands down the best offense in the American League. The Royals don’t have the pitching to compete with this powerful lineup. Blue Jays win in 6 games.


Derek: One of the hottest teams in the 2nd half this season with their moves at the deadline. Their offense with the power from Bautista and Encarnacion and ace David Price send them to the World Series. Tough series, but Blue Jays in 7.

Nathan: Overall, I don’t think the Royals have enough pitching to compete with the Blue Jays lineup. It’ll be a shootout, not a pitcher’s duel. Jays in 5.

Blue Jays: 0 Royals: 5

World Series

Blue Jays vs. Cardinals

Aniello: If any team has the chance of shutting down the high caliber Blue Jays offense, it’s the Cardinals. That’s why the Cardinals win in 6.

Belal: The Cardinals have one of the best pitching staffs in the Majors, but they’ve been sliding lately. That, combined with the ability the Blue Jays’ hitters have, makes it hard for me to go with my gut and say that the Cardinals will have another World Series Title. If the Blue Jays pitching staff can hold the Cardinals to less than 3 runs a game, they should be able to take a title back to Canada. Blue Jays in 7.

Carl: This series will go to the Blue Jays because the Cardinals’ offense won’t do much against the Blue Jays pitching staff which consists of David Price and Marcus Stroman who have been on fire lately and as always the best offense in baseball. The Blue Jays will be homer hungry in this series. Blue Jays win in 5 games.

Derek: Cardinals win the WS because of their dominant pitching rotation, and bullpen. Close series but the Cardinals pull it out. Cardinals over Blue Jays in 7

Nathan: This Cardinals team is one of the best in recent memory, with a hot offense, to a great bullpen, to a very strong pitching rotation. I can’t see even the hot hitters of the Blue Jays stepping up. Cardinals in 6.

Cardinals: 3 Blue Jays: 2

There you have it, the Cardinals will win the World Series this year!

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