The public releasing of the 2 minute report is absolutely terrible for the NBA and its referees.

It creates a work environment that causes refs to not feel respected or safe within their duty. How is anyone supposed to work at their best level when operating out of fear and uncertainty? It’s impossible.

Refs now know if they screw something up, the entire continent will know about it. This will always create a sense of unease for referees. Not to mention the constant verbal harassment from players as well. Like any human being, refs go under a great deal of stress, and when they are repeatedly punished and scrutinized instead of being talked to alone, it makes for a long night at work for referees. This could play a massive role in why so many calls are being missed!

I know for a fact that 90% of you readers out there have had a job that you just hated. You hated the employees, the tasks, and the boss. My guess is if you don’t like the boss, you don’t feel very safe at work. Now imagine if you screw up, and your boss releases a public statement to the ENTIRE WORLD stating what you did wrong. That has to make you feel pretty bad and insecure now right?

I understand the NBA is a bigger organization than your work place and  that it’s a disciplinary measure, but the NBA should deal with mistakes maturely and internally. But since the report is public, the refs now operate out of fear instead of empowerment.

It is impossible to be at the top of your game when fear intervenes. The public should have no right to have access to the refs mistakes. Instead, it should be addressed internally. If the NBA helped them out instead of constantly bashed them for everything, then maybe they would get a few more calls