If I had to describe the Cavaliers off-season in one word it would be…. deadly.

Between Dan Gilbert and Lebron expressing their dislike for each other and Lebron enticing the media with trade talks… yeah its been tough. Now add the whole Kyrie situation… all of this in such a short time span is deadly. Potentially ending an era of the Cleveland Cavaliers being the undisputed kings of the Eastern Conference.

For three years now, Kyrie Irving has played alongside Lebron James. The fact that he is unhappy playing with the all time great is extremely alarming. He claims he wants a bigger role, and with Lebron increasing in age it’s just a matter of time before his wish becomes reality. The majority of the NBA would be absolutely thrilled to be the number two behind Lebron.

They’d love to be the Robin to his Batman. All it does is increase your value, basketball IQ and your desire to win. Ever since Lebron came back to Cleveland, Kyrie has gotten to the finals every year, shouldn’t that be enough? He has a ring too, and potential for more if he stays. There’s got to be something bigger going on here.

Could playing with Lebron be a bad thing? It could very well devalue a player’s worth. Kyrie wants to prove himself, running a team by himself, and winning on his terms. Not on LBJ’s terms.

On the flip side, we all know Lebron has been rumored to go to LA and play alongside Lonzo. We all know that if that happens, the Cavs would be ran by Irving at the point.

So what is it that’s driving him out? Faulty ownership? Does he not like the atmosphere around the organization? Does he not like the city? Or is Kyrie just trying to abandon ship before Lebron does? That’s the explanation that makes the most sense.

Why wait around to see what Lebron does when you can make a move yourself. If he does get traded to a team… let’s say San Antonio, or Minnesota. He’s still in a position to win, and would be the primary ball handler which he expresses he wants. Either way he has to get through Golden State, so why not go for it? It makes complete sense.

As for the Cavaliers, they have to do something. They CANNOT afford to lose both Lebron and Kyrie. If they do? Well, have fun re-building and goodluck making it to the finals for the next five-ten years. In all aspects: they’re screwed. Before they know it Kevin Love will be the centerpiece of the team… yeah. Kevin Love. Or maybe he’ll abandon ship too.

All in all, I applaud Kyrie for this. He doesn’t want to live in Lebron’s shadow. He wants to go out and show everyone what he can do. He’s got the drive and ambition to do it. Hopefully the Cavs respect the mans wishes and send him somewhere he can succeed.