Recently, LeBron James and Kevin Durant joined Cari Champion to discuss all things considering life and basketball. From fatherhood to inflicting pressures since childhood, it clarifies the struggle for being an NBA player and brings inspiration from the two greatest athletes in the sport today.

Ingraham’s Ignorance 

Per usual, when truth speaks from prominent figures in the world, typically ones that are black, dense comments arise from the hurt, specifically ones that are white. It is a truth that is to not be avoided and has to be addressed. Fox’s own Laura Ingraham wasted her time, so it seemed as useless as LeBron came across in her commentary, to say this about James and Durant:

Well, as sarcastic and witty Ingraham attempted to come across James and Durant, was pointless. From the video itself, James graduated as a senior. A simple google search would have told anyone that. Also, of course, millions did not vote for either of them, they are..not…politicians. Then, they expounded on the expected leadership that should reside with the president. Plus, the lack of character the current one has. Maybe this elected “coach”, should shut up and learn how to delegate. That’s sort of like a film breakdown, that these “jocks” can apparently only understand.

It’s Bigger Than The Game

“In our small world, us as basketball players, but us as african-americans, we still feel the hate off the decisions we make, that we feel like what is best for us… because people can’t make the decision for you, the only thing they can do, is to begin a rally of hate”

As opposed to other select celebrities and athletes that were invited onto Fox News, this is the normal impression that is held in individuals’ minds. No matter what, they try their hardest to dehumanize the athlete and silence any type of platform they have. That million of dollars Durant donated to that city in Oklahoma after the tornado, matters. The hundreds of kids that Lebron sends to college every year, matters. Although Durant and James could be named as nemesis on the court, this exemplifies the brotherhood that is held off the court and needed. It is more than just being an athlete…

A sample of the masses across all sports. Let the players speak, they are more than just highlights.