The Holidays are finally here and fans of the NBA couldn’t be more excited about the line-up of games. In the Spirit of Christmas, I’ve compiled a list of the best gifts NBA players have given to their teammates. After doing a survey with 30 NBA fans on Twitter, here are the best gifts ranked.


10. Isaiah Thomas gives Cavalier Teammates JBL Headphones.

At last but certainly not the least in value, Isaiah Thomas gifts his new teammates JBL headphones. They say that you shouldn’t try to buy your friendship, but Thomas thinks his headphones are the reason to Cavs 12 game winning streak. It sure was a nice gesture by Isaiah to help win over his teammates.

“Gifted these custom JBL headphones to my teammates a couple of weeks ago,” Thomas wrote in his Facebook post. “We haven’t lost since… Just saying lol.”

9. James Harden buys Montrezl Harrell 30k chain.

Bleacher Report

According to a report from TMZ, While James Harden and Montrezl Harrell were shopping for some bling, Harrell fell in love with a gold Cuban Link chain. However, after finding out it was worth 30k he decided against purchasing the chain. That’s when Harden went behind his back to buy the chain in cash to surprise his teammate. Harden wasn’t the most valuable player that year, but he definitely was a candidate for the most generous. Nothing says welcome to the team like a 30k chain surprise present!

8. Dwight Howard gifts Rockets teammates watch.

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Dwight Howard is a firm believer in the saying “It is better to give than it is to receive.”. So he got some of his former Rockets teammates watches. He gave James Harden an Audemars Piguet watch, and Rolexes to Chandler Parsons, Omri Casspi, and Greg Smith.

Notably, Dwight also gave his teammate Aaron Brooks a five-figure pair of limited edition Nike Air Mags from the movie “Back To The Future II”.

“Very, very exclusive,” Brooks said. “He follows me on Instagram and he knows I’m into shoes and that’s how he knew what I like… So generous. Most people on the outside look at him wrong. I know ’cause I did, too, before [becoming Howard’s teammate]. He’s a great guy. Huge heart.”

7. LeBron James Showers Teammates in Gifts Before NBA Finals.

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Looks like a Championship ring isn’t the only thing LeBron James might get you in the Finals. James apparently gifted his teammates a wide-variety of gifts that made JR Smith more excited than a kid on Christmas morning. His gifts to his teammates featured items such as Apple watches, Sneakers, Beats headphones, hoodies, book bags and life-sized shields.

“I don’t know how he does it, but every day it’s something different,” Smith said with a laugh. “Watches, sneakers, Beats [Headphones], hoodies, book-bags. Man, I can’t wait to come back next year. I want to see what we’re getting next year.”
“Look, LeBron is probably the greatest player in the world who gives out gifts like it’s candy,” Brendan Haywood said. “We look forward to it every single time.”