Joe Johnson (Sacramento Kings):

Johnson has become an NBA journeyman. But some of us remember how special he was. And Johnson’s skill set is still impressive. Although he isn’t as good as when he was on the Atlanta Hawks or Brooklyn Nets. He could still add depth to a contending team. Johnson is putting up 7.3 points and 3.3 rebounds per game. Watch for the Golden State Warriors to take a lot at him if the Kings go for the buyout. The Warriors need some more bench scoring. As do the Boston Celtics. Either team would welcome Johnson’s outside shooting with open arms.

Derrick Rose (Utah Jazz):

Rose’s value continues to plummet. But there will always be one person willing to pick him up. That’s Tom Thibodeau. Rose’s former (and future?) coach, is now the Minnesota Timberwolves boss. According to the Chicago Tribune, Rose may be headed to Minnesota. Rose should be receive a buyout from the Jazz in the next few days. After that, everything points to him joining Thibs and Jimmy Butler. Rose averaged 9.8 points and 1.6 assists per game this year with Cleveland. He’s a shell of his former self. But he may be able to help add some backcourt depth.

Isaiah Thomas (Los Angeles Lakers):

Thomas is one of the most curious cases. He seems like a perfect fit for a buyout. He’s an aging player going to a losing team. Those usually don’t mix very well. However, the Lakers said they don’t plan on buying Thomas out. But Magic Johnson also said they won’t start him going forward. And we all know Thomas doesn’t want to come off the bench after how he played for the Cleveland Cavaliers. It remains to be seen if he will head somewhere else. But it would be better for the Lakers to do so. They would then be able to play their young players even more. Getting them more experience.

Corey Brewer (Los Angeles Lakers):

Brewer isn’t nearly the player he once was. As he’s only averaging 3.6 points and 1.7 rebounds per game. But the Lakers need to shed contract as much as possible. They want to get rid of older players in order to free up cap space. Then in the summer, they want to go after Lebron James, Paul George, and DeMarcus Cousins in free agency. Magic will likely try to get rid of Brewer or Luol Deng. But Deng’s contract is a bit more complicated. So Brewer might have to get the boot. If he does, Brewer might head to Milwaukee Bucks after Malcolm Brogdon’s injury.

Vince Carter (Sacramento Kings):

Carter is 41-years-old. But who cares? He’s still a formidable forward in this league. And what would be a better way to finish up his career than to go back to where it all began? The Toronto Raptors. It could be a reunion for both sides. Carter would also add to one of the most effective benches in the NBA. He would also get a chance to play in the postseason again. According to Hoops Hype, this deal is very possible. With that said, the Kings may hold onto the former Slam Dunk champion for the remainder of the season.

Photo Credit: Bleacher Report.