A couple of weeks ago, this series was introduced with the Top-10 Performances of the NBA Season, and then last week, The NBA’s Best Breakout Stars was released.

This week, we’ll be doing the Best NBA Commercials of All-Time, stretching from the Larry Bird and Magic Johnson’s Converse commercial, to Lebron James’ NFL dream, and everything in between.

1. Kobe Bryant and Jalen Rose – ESPN: In this commercial for ESPN, Kobe Bryant pokes fun at Jalen Rose for allowing the five-time NBA champion to record a career-high 81 points on January 22, 2006. Rose was one of many players to guard Bryant on that day, and it looks like Kobe refuses to let Jalen forget about that day, reminding him of all 81 points.

2. Larry Bird and Michael Jordan – McDonald’s: Larry Bird and Michael Jordan are regarded to most as a pair of the best players in NBA history, and they were at the peak of their game when the league was arguably at it’s best in the 1980’s and 1990’s. They decided to come together for a classic commercial for McDonald’s in which they play H.O.R.S.E.

3. D’Angelo Russell – Foot Locker: In one of the more recent advertisements, D’Angelo Russell joined together with Foot Locker, and it resulted in a great commercial, where Russell throws his phone into the water, pointing to his controversy that previously happened in which he exposed teammate Nick Young for cheating on Iggy Azalea.

4. Larry Bird and Magic Johnson – Converse: Larry Bird joined up with yet another all-time great, this time with his buddy (and rival) Magic Johnson, where they showed off their fresh new Converse shoes – pictured in Celtics and Lakers colors – and proceeded to play one-on-one on an outdoor court in Bird’s hometown of French Lick, Indiana.

5. Kevin Durant and Dwyane Wade – Gatorade: This one is a throwback to when Oklahoma City was still Kevin Durant’s home, prior to his signing with the Golden State Warriors. For this Gatorade commercial, Durant was dreaming of driving down the lane, where he was met by Dwayne Wade. Durant’s “nightmare” pushes him to train and work harder.

6. John Wall – Foot Locker: John Wall has been famous since he was in high school, before and after he attended Kentucky, and is now one of the top point guards in the entire NBA. Foot Locker came up with yet another gem in this commercial, as Wall was walked through a perfect scenario, with his own shoes being step one. Unfortunately, it takes a downturn.

7. Paul Pierce – ESPN: Another ESPN commercial sneaks into the top-10 with a hilarious bit, as former Boston Celtics’ superstar, Paul Pierce, is joined by what seems to be a stalker of his. After initially allowing the man to come on the bus with him and ESPN commentators Mike Breen and Mark Jackson, the final scene shows the man being booted off of the ride.

8. Demarcus Cousins – All-Star Voting: This one is a nod to the classic commercial which featured Pittsburgh Steelers’ Joe Greene, done for Coke. Demarcus Cousins does a pretty good job of acting as he gives a young Sacramento Kings fan the cold shoulder at first, before tossing his sweat soaked headband at the boy, with a smile on his face.

9. Dirk Nowitzki – Hump Day: GEICO pulled out all of the stops for one of the most well known commercials ever, as a Camel is going around asking all of his co-workers(?) what day it is, prompting a “HUMP DAY” shout. The Dallas Mavericks re-made the advertisement for their website, as NBA Finals MVP Dirk Nowitzki played the part of the camel.

10. Lebron James – State Farm: I think most of us NBA fans have watched Lebron James on the basketball court and have wondered what it would be like to seen him playing in the NFL, especially after watching some of his high school football highlights. James is caught dreaming in the locker room in this ad, where he decided to join the Cleveland Browns.

Photo Credit: Sneaker History.