Not enough cap space, lack of good assets, and the inability to find interest for Kevin Love is the reason why Cleveland might enter the new season with the same roster. 

The Cleveland Cavaliers are no longer pursuing Paul George and Jimmy Butler because star forward Kevin Love isn’t generating a lot of interest from the league according to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst.

The Cavaliers title window is cut to one year and that’s next season. The Cavs desperately need another star to help compete with the Golden State Warriors. However, they just didn’t have the right players nor draft picks to get another star to help take the load off of the King and Kyrie Irving.

Cleveland cannot sign anybody impressive because they don’t have enough money to spend, so what’s next for the Cavaliers?

The next thing for the Cavaliers is to find a lethal veteran like Vince Carter, who will take the league minimum to join forces with LeBron. However, Carter already expressed his feelings on taking less money to join their NBA Finals rival Warriors.

Not only coming out empty handed leading up to draft night is something to worry about, but knowing that you will not be able to find another star is detrimental to the team moving forward. With that being said, King James going elsewhere in 2018 just seems a lot more likelier. In addition, it’s a possibility if the Warriors and Cavs meet again in June then we will witness James finals record go to 3-6.

The most Cavs fans can do is hope that Kyrie Irving doesn’t leave after his contract expires.

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