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The 4-1 series win in the 2017 NBA Finals left a harsh feeling in Cleveland hearts. Looking for answers, Cleveland is trying to find star players ASAP. 

According to Marc Stein of ESPN, the Cleveland Cavaliers are working on assembling multi-team trade to reel in Chicago Bulls Jimmy Butler.

The Cavaliers front office clearly knows how tight their title window are with James contract expiring and three years of Kevin Love.

In order for this deal to be realistically complete, they need to find a team with phenomenal young players and great draft picks. The Bulls reportedly want first round draft picks and a proven NBA player for Butler.

K.C. Johnson of Chicago Tribune said, “the Suns would be the third team.”

Cleveland is actively exploring the market for other star players because they obviously know the talent on the Golden State Warriors is not going anywhere. Adding one more star to take the load off of James and Kyrie Irving is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Key note about this rumor; Butler always wanted to play with Irving. Butler appeared on ESPN’s “First Take” talking about how much he loves playing with Irving.

Butler and Irving previously played together for Team USA in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janiero. That may have led to Butler’s interest in potentially suiting up with Irving again in the same uniform.

How does this help the Cavaliers?

Adding Butler can help the Cavaliers on the defensive end tremendously. Putting Butler on LeBron’s defensive assignments to give him his much needed energy. Also, when talking about the Cavaliers vs. the Warriors, Butler can guard Kevin Durant, allowing James to roam around the floor much like in the 2016 NBA Finals.

Butler’s defensive presence is well known, but his offensive game is also a strength. Known as “Jimmy G Buckets” (G is for “Gets”), Butler averaged 23.9 ppg on 45 percent shooting last season. If the Cavs were to acquire him, they would be adding another 20-point scorer to the offense.

What does this mean for Dwyane Wade and the Bulls?

How would Wade feel if Butler was traded and he was stuck on a “suddenly-rebuilding” team? It can be inferred that Wade will opt out of his current deal and will go elsewhere. At 35, Wade’s career is approaching an end and his window to win a championship is shrinking, so expect him to look for a contending team to sign with if a Butler deal is done.

The Cavaliers have remained active on the market since the NBA Finals, looking for potential deals with the Pacers for Paul George, but Jimmy Butler is definitely on the list of stars Cleveland is looking to acquire.