After being bought out by the Chicago Bulls, Dwyane Wade AKA Flash decided to take his talents to the North Coast and team up with his old friend LeBron James.

Wade is undoubtedly a first ballot Hall of Famer once he decides to hang up his shoes. Just like our spotlight athlete last week, the shooting guard is one of the biggest faces for the Jordan brand. It’s no surprise, as he has put together quite a career. Don’t let his recent traveling in the league these past few years distract you.

Taken in the highly coveted 2003 NBA Draft, the former Miami Heat guard has been selected as an All Star 12 times in the 14 seasons he’s been in the league.

He’s been one of the better defenders in the past decade. Averaging over a steal and a half throughout his career. Matching that with a block per contest as well. Wade earned All-Defensive honors the years that he averaged over two steals per contest. One of many directions that has made the shooting guard so dominant in his years.

While also contributing on the defensive end of the floor, Wade has also been equally impressive on the offensive end. To be compared to Michael Jordan, a player needs that quality. The defensive intensity while still shouldering the offensive load for the team. In 14 seasons, he’s been averaging around 23 points per game.

In five of those seasons he averaged 25 points. Including his 2008-2009 season where he averaged over 30 points per contest to lead the league in scoring.

When it comes to championships, Wade is no stranger to the big stage. Even before teaming up with James and Chris Bosh. The shooting guard was able to propel the Heat over the Dallas Mavericks in the 2006 NBA Finals.

With the assistance of Shaquille O’Neal, Wade was able to capture his first of three championships. By joining up with the King this year, it looks like he’ll hope to add one more to the trophy case. It’s unfortunate that the Big Three weren’t able to capture a title in each of their appearances.

If the Heat won each of their finals match-up, the Marquette alum would have a perfect record of 5-5. He would have been one of the only few people, like Jordan, to have a flawless record.

It would have been a storybook ending if the Chicago native was able to make it work with the Bulls. Attribute the disaster to poor teammate chemistry, new coaching scheme, or any of the circling rumors that surrounded the locker room. It just seems like the two camps never really were on the same page.

Many veteran players have taken the role of mentor, such as Vince Carter with the Sacramento Kings. Wade wasn’t looking to guide the Bulls through a rebuild. He even admitted to wanting to hang it up with his original team when he comes to that time.

In this day and age of the NBA, loyalty to teams for the chance of competing has really dwindled. Sure there have been big off season moves throughout NBA history, but in today’s league they seem to happen more often.

It’s no surprise that Dwyane Wade has eluded most of the shade from the forming of the Big Three. Mainly because he stayed with his original team. Dwyane Wade is no doubt one of the best shooting guards to play the game. He’s just not THE best shooting guard. Especially when the greatest shooting guards, is the greatest of all time.