Yet again, the King gets his way. The Cleveland Cavaliers got better over the offseason; tremendously better. 

Wait. Didn’t the Cavs lose arguably one of the most dangerous scorers the NBA has to offer in Kyrie Irving? Yeah, probably the biggest news of the summer. However, in the process, Cleveland got a return of Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder and Ante Zizic as well as the Nets 2018 first-round pick. You’re probably asking how this makes Cleveland any better. But it does. Tremendously better.


First, let’s get this one out of the way. We all know that Kyrie Irving was thinking about this move from Cleveland for a while. However, with this mindset, he would play in many games throughout the season with a foot out of the door. With one wrong move, Kyrie was gone. When LeBron James was reportedly “fathering” him, you could only imagine what was going through Kyrie’s head.

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As great of an actor that one has the ability to be, this kind of mental pressure can build up exponentially and can without a doubt affect your abilities on the court.

Losing Kyrie Irving is a major plus for the Cavs. Rightly so, if someone has no desire to play for a franchise, how do you think he will perform? Exceptional at times I’m sure. These are pros we’re talking about. But that undeniable will to have your team succeed and give it your complete all; you have to love the organization you are a part of, and Kyrie Irving definitely did not. Kyrie Irving had zero chemistry with this team.

Yes. ZERO chemistry. Hence, LeBron and Kyrie. If you can go through the largest NBA Finals comeback ever with someone, go to back-to-back Finals appearances with someone, say the deepest things about someone behind the podium, but not even have the decency to let him know that you’re thinking about leaving the team… 0 chemistry.

In a broader perspective, the nonchalant attitude Kyrie Irving showed on First Take was horrendous and shows much more than you might think. As he was up there speaking about a move that many waited weeks to hear about, he showed no desire. No heart. Therefore, no use to this team.

After all this man has done for you and this franchise, that is how you show gratitude? Max Kellerman was right. There is something that we don’t know about. However, the kid got what he wanted.


Next, many question Isaiah Thomas and his health moving forward. What we need to realize is that the time Thomas is out healing is the time a certain special x-factor named Derrick Rose has his time to blossom 🌹.

This is avoiding the exact problem they had with Deron Williams. It wasn’t that he was just old, it was that he never got a chance to go out there and really get solid time, obviously with Kyrie dominating most of the minutes.

Derrick Rose is destined for greatness this year. Go ahead. Hold me accountable. This really is the year. Besides all the hate he has endured for the last god-knows-how-many years, Rose is back at it. Better than ever. Ready.

Will his comeback story finally get the proper ending with that championship ring? Maybe. Maybe not. But, don’t just wave off the 18 points and five assists he averaged in a Knicks uniform last season. The potential is there. The atmosphere is there. Therefore, it is time to execute. Yet again, don’t put all your marbles in because we all know the roller coaster of a career Rose has been though.


Aside from Rose, many don’t truly realize the impact of Jae Crowder. Nonetheless, ESPN was bat sh** crazy ranking Crowder at #38. However, he does bring several key attributes to the table. He brings a certain toughness on this Cavaliers roster, puts in more work on the offensive end then he gets credit for, and most importantly gives the King a well-deserved break on the defensive end. All in all, that’s the primary goal. Make the King happy.

More ESPN ranking blasphemy:

79. Dennis Smith Jr.

73. Jeff Teague

69. Serge Ibaka

64. Melo

63. Lonzo

53. Andre Drummond

38. Jae Crowder

Everybody was talking about how bad it was…


Obviously, the cherry on top was the most recent signing of Dwyane Wade. LeBron James described Wade as “bringing another championship pedigree to the team, [bringing] another playmaker to the team, and [that] [D-Wade] also has a great basketball mind”. After winning two championships together in Miami, the two are ready for yet another round at it. THE DUO IS BACK!

When JR finds out he won’t be a starter anymore with D-Wade on the squad… 😂 (fakesportscentr/twitter)

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The most important question of all. Does all of this matter? Does everything that happened over the offseason in Cleveland put the Cavs in a better position against Golden State?

Yes. Kyrie and his bad attitude? Out. Instead, you get the addition of two veteran guards in Wade and Rose that are hungry for success, that are hungry for glory. You get an improved Kevin Love with the ball being passed around more than ever. By playoff time, if all goes well, you get arguably 1 of the top 5 point guards in the league in Isaiah Thomas.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, having arguably the greatest player to ever touch a basketball can definitely help. The King’s position against the Warriors has improved.

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