I don’t be down with all that drama”

Damian Lillard is an NBA player notorious for letting his play on the court speak for him. As well as his bars, that is. A silent killer. A lethal assassin. An unstoppable force. Dame has every quality you would want in an NBA Point Guard. He can dish the rock. He can pull from deep. And by God can he attack the rim with pure aggression.

All in all, Lillard definitely checks every box necessary for a player to earn an All-Star selection, from straight ability to popularity amongst the fans. Yet, he has still been snubbed for two years on the bounce. Why? Upon observation on the surface, there is no reason why he shouldn’t have at least one more selection to his name.

This also isn’t the first time D-Lil has been snubbed or doubted in his life. Not by a longshot.

“Why I lead the nation scoring just to hit the league and be doubted?”

Straight out of college, as Dame accurately describes, people still didn’t believe in his game. He was definitely a prolific scorer for Weber State; nobody could deny that. But, as always, scouts and critics doubted aspects of his game. He was a good enough playmaker for a Point Guard, but he wasn’t a Ricky Rubio player who was handing out dimes on the regular. As a result, some said he would be unable to lead an NBA team due to this. Additionally, as with most great collegiate scorers, people questioned whether Dame’s explosive scoring game in the NCAA would translate to efficient buckets in the NBA.

Whoever said this could not have been more wrong.

Those same critics would have watched Damian Lillard’s last second game-winner against the Rockets to win the Blazers that Playoff series and then have taken straight to Twitter to proclaim how they’ve always backed Dame and how they always predicted him to be an NBA star. Of course, critics get things wrong. They’re human, just like the rest of us. But what’s more important is that Dame has been snubbed and overlooked and brushed aside his entire life.

Being a kid from a modest background in Oakland, he was more than accustomed to this. He probably even anticipated criticism. Regardless, Dame has repeatedly been an outcast prior to and even during his NBA career; and people need to start putting some serious respect on his name.

What should Dame do?

Sorry, Blazers fans. You’re not gonna like this. But, either Portland make some serious moves to surround Lillard with some more talent or he needs to leave. Don’t get me wrong, CJ is a fantastic ballplayer and compliments D-Lil’s playing style beautifully. However, Portland’s evident lack of a defensive presence hurts them. It hurts them badly; especially in the Playoffs. Granted, the West is stacked. Although, the Blazers don’t really help themselves in that they are unable to even compete with these teams because of their weak defence.

If they bulked out their roster by adding some vets and upgrading their bench with defensive lockdowns and quality role players, they could easily pose a threat in the Playoffs. Maybe not Championship-standard, but at least good enough to provide some memorable Playoffs series and an increased amount of recognition for the man himself, Damian Lillard. Build this man a career, Portland, or you will lose out.