Dear Mr, Arenas,

Can I call you Gilbert? How about agent zero? You know, for the amount of rings that you won! Did you pick your jersey number because you knew that your future would involve that many championship appearances? Sorry that was mean(but completely deserved), forgive me. It’s just that in the past day or so you have made a name for yourself again; just this time it is not a good thing, or one really based on facts.

Here is the thing, based off your Wikipedia page, you don’t seem to be a horrible person. You donated $100 for each point you scored at home in 2006-2007 to local D.C. schools, and had your owner match the donation. You helped a PETA initiative against the use of Mink fur. There are some incidents with the law, but they don’t make you seem as bad as this statement(maybe the gun thing was bad, but I don’t remember thinking it was a huge deal. Then again, I wasn’t a huge wizards fan so I did not really care about it). It looks like you are not someone who would typically make a statement like the one you made earlier this week.

But the last few days leave me wondering, nay, basically convinced that you are an a**hole. It isn’t just that what you said was sexist, but there were just so many inaccuracies in it. First of all, when the WNBA was created, I am 100% positive that the vision was not girls in skimpy outfits, but rather something similar to the NBA… but you know women not men.

I don’t think Skylar Diggins, or anyone else in the WNBA for that matter, worked as hard as she did to make it to Notre Dame and to the WNBA just so she could be stared at by sexist people like you. The idea that people would rather watch that is just wrong, just look at attendance numbers for the LFL. Also, last time I checked, fans go to WNBA games to watch the games, not creepily stare and think about the player’s appearance(well unless you are a crappy person).

The ending to your first post contains the following statement: “if u think this is sexist, 9 out of 10 times, u the ugly one and we didn’t come to see you play anyway.” First of all, I think judging by the reaction to your post, more than 10% of the country thinks this is sexist… you know because it was. I still can’t understand why it is so hard to believe that people go to WNBA games to watch basketball, especially because that’s the point of going to the game.

Just when you think it wasn’t bad enough, he doubled down the other day. He somehow thinks he was trying to help their sport, when in fact his ideas would make it worse. I’m not even going to bother explaining why, because if he does not get why people got upset he will never get it. It’s like trying to explain to Donald Sterling why people got upset over what he said, or someone like Trump. They are a special breed of a**hole, that most people know are wrong.

The most ironic part of that second post was when he attacked Jackie MacMullan, a person who actually is respectable and has integrity. She also has an award from the NBA hall of fame, I’m still waiting to see something from Gilbert. Not to take shots at Gilbert(yes that was intentional), but what is the highlight of his career? I’ve narrowed it down to three: 1). Being named a starter in the all-star game. 2). Beating the Bulls in the first round, his only first round victory as one of the stars on his team(that 2012 Grizzlies team made it to the conference finals, but Arenas was not a key player). and 3). signing a huge deal, one of those that instantly became a regret.

The reason people attacked him for what he said is because it was sexist and SIMPLY NOT TRUE. If you say something like that, people are going to call you out on it. Maybe if you wanted to help out the WNBA, you could actually give them some positive attention instead of spewing sexist hate towards them.

In conclusion, you should be better than this Gilbert, but I guess it is nice to know that you are an a**hole.


Ted Van Green(@TVG_5)

Spark Sports Contributor