The Minnesota Timberwolves have signed former Cavaliers guard Derrick Rose, who was released by the Utah Jazz.

Rose is averaging 9.8 PTS, 1.8 REBS, 1.6 ASTS on 43% FG in 19.3 minutes. He played 16 games for the Cleveland Cavaliers and started for 7 games. The Cavs made the gutsy decision to make a series of trades which Derrick was apart of.

Rose was released by the Utah Jazz following the trade, allowing him to play for a team of his choosing.

A couple weeks after clearing his waivers, Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the Timberwolves had signed Rose. Derrick has a child on the way and stated that the Wolves gave him time to get that taken care of first.

The Minnesota TimberBulls

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A reunion with former Bulls teammates and coach Tom Thibodeau just may be what Rose needs. It was reported that the Washington Wizards had interest in signing the Chicago native, but both parties went in different directions

Derrick had been coached by Thibodeau from 2010-2015 before Thibs was fired and moved on to Minnesota. Thibodeau would help Rose receive an MVP award in 2010-11 and has averaged 18.4 PPG with their time together.

He’ll be reuniting with former teammates Taj Gibson and Jimmy Butler. Although Rose and Butler were broken up in Chicago due to tension between the two, Butler has been supportive of Rose ever since.

“When he’s ready, he’s gonna rock out for any organization he plays for. Butler spoke at All-Star Weekend. “I’m not a GM so obviously I can’t sign him, but I’ve played with before and he’s a hell of a talent.”
“I’ve been in battle with them for years. said Rose “It’s comfortable. I’m very comfortable here and usually when I’m comfortable I play well.”

Thibodeau want’s Derrick to play tonight against the Boston Celtics for his first game. Rose will be wearing #25 on his jersey.

Rose’s spot in the rotation is yet to be known. But Thibs stated that Jeff Teague, Tyus Jones, and Rose can play both guard positions and even together.

Rose can still be a valuable asset in the NBA, he just needs to be the ball-handler. He has the lowest EFG% in the NBA on spot-up shots. However, if anyone knows how to make Rose play at his best it maybe Thibodeau.

“Who knows? So far he has been the best coach, but I still think I got a lot left.” said Rose “Who knows if he can spark something up…I don’t have to prove anything. I’m going to let my hard work do that.”
“I’ve been working out the entire time I’ve been out. Just learning my routine, being a pro. The only thing I’m missing is the opportunity.” Said Derrick “I’ve been talking to Thibs and he’s looking like he’s gonna give me that opportunity. So it’s all about learning the guys and fitting in at the right time.

Rose wants to help the Timberwolves in the playoffs and running Pick and Rolls for him would be the best way for him to play at his best. Who knows what Rose still has left in the tank to show us?