In a circumstance we’ve become all too familiar with over the last five years, Derrick Rose has suffered yet another season-ending knee injury. After missing the Knicks’ last few games with a sore knee, it was revealed by Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical early Sunday afternoon that Rose has suffered a torn meniscus in his knee.

This is the third meniscus tear Rose has suffered in his knee since November 2013, and the 4th time Rose will undergo major knee surgery since 2012. For those keeping count, Rose unfortunately has suffered two meniscus tears in his right knee, an ACL tear in his left knee, and this latest injury is a torn meniscus in his left knee.

Rose was on pace to play in the most games he’s played in a regular season since tearing his ACL during Game 1 of the 2012 NBA Playoffs, as he played in 64 of the 76 games (84 percent) the New York Knicks have played up to this point in the season. He averaged 18 PPG, 3.8 RPG, and 4.4 APG, and shot 47.1 percent from the field in his first season with the Knicks, after being traded from the Bulls this past offseason.

However, with his pending status as a free agent this summer looming, Rose’s options may lessen even more now with his latest injury. Teams likely were already skeptical about the prospect of signing Rose long-term knowing his knee history injury, and until now, Rose’s knee had held up pretty well throughout this season. The scheduled 6-to-8 week recovery timeframe, however, will be crucial as it pertains to other teams who may ponder the idea of potentially signing Rose. There is also the possibility of him re-signing with the Knicks.

Still just 28 years old, the numerous knee injuries have robbed Rose of what looked like a very promising career for the youngest MVP in NBA history. However, he’s shown a level of determination and dedication to rehabbing in order to return to the court each time. Rose has continued to look forward, trying to put all his injuries behind him, not allowing them to end his career too early. Despite having seen now three of his last six seasons end early due to a knee injury… this is just another setback.