As the Spurs walked into the Toyota Center to take on the Houston Rockets, James Harden and Kawhi Leonard matched up. James Harden started off looking like a fresh and rested James Harden. His passes were flashy. Leonard on the other hand only had 5 points after the first quarter but he was sure to heat up. Big man Terrence Jones looked great with 8 points. Jason Terry also started the game off strong with a wide open 3.  Some of the Spurs players look a little rusty. LaMarcus Aldridge played the whole first quarter and ended the quarter with 8 points.

Rockets guard Ty Lawson looks refreshed in the second quarter as he comes off the bench and scored an 2 easy points. At this point, Ty Lawson and Corey Brewer have been playing great; finding each other for easy buckets. The Spurs bench have moved the ball around smoothly and they have finished at the bucket easily against the Rockets frontcourt. The Spurs have been getting beat down low in the paint. The Rockets bench has scored 22 points for them. James Harden has been getting careless with the ball in the 2nd quarter and Kawhi Leonard has been heating up. Leonard has learned a lot from being coached by Coach Pop.

The third quarter was mostly offense as Dwight Howard and Kawhi Leonard had most of their respective teams. Dwight Howard has stepped up his performance in the third. James Harden did not looked the same against a hard Spurs defense as Kawhi Leonard has slowed him down a lot. Patty Mills has also stepped up for the Spurs. It was a lot of offense and defense from both teams that pushed them through the 3rd.

Jason Terry was the headline of the fourth coming off the bench and scoring 2 big threes to put the Spurs up by 8. Soonly after, he hit a mid-range jumpshot to put the Spurs up by 10. Turnovers in the fourth quarter had been key at this point in the game. Kawhi Leonard also headlines as he brought the Spurs back down to a 3 point deficit. James Harden finds a way to shake off a horrific first half to finish with 20 points. Rockets finish the game winning 88-84.


T’abren Wallace

Spark Sports Analyst