Donovan Mitchell has had a spectacular season as a rookie for the Utah Jazz and is now seen as a potential future star in the NBA. However, things were not always like this for Mitchell.

As a High School senior, Donovan Mitchell barely cracked the top 30 recruits for Senior recruits. He didn’t turn a single head until he was a 17-year-old Junior. Eventually, he would commit to Louisville.

Mitchell came off the bench in his first season at Louisville. His 7pts and 2ast per game drew little to no attention toward him. However in his sophomore year, Mitchell was a starter averaging over 15pts per game. A top defender in his conference. referred to Mitchell as “a mentally strong and tough character with a strong work ethic, should be able to be a great 3 and D option on a team, but could never lead a team.”

They compared Mitchell to Normal Powell from the Toronto Raptors and guessed he would be a mid-late first round pick. He would ultimately get drafted no. 13 by the Utah Jazz and would quickly emerge as the best scorer on the team.

In his rookie year, Mitchell is averaging over 19ppg, over 3apg and 3rpg, 1.5spg, all while shooting 45% from the field and 35% from beyond the arc. Mitchell is also only 1 of 4 rookies to score 40pts on more than one occasion in their rookie season. The other names include Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson, Jay Vincent and Blake Griffin.

I think it’s time to stop sleeping on this kid Donovan Mitchell because he’s beaten the odds every step of the way. This kid is a star in the making.

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