Draymond Green is clearly not a fan of Boston’s forward Kelly Olynyk, recently expressing his thoughts on Uninterrupted’s Dray Day podcast, stating: “He’s dirty, a dirty player. I don’t respect guys like that. I know he’s not the greatest basketball player of all time, so maybe he feel like he got to do that, but you don’t have to do that. Just dirty. I don’t respect that, man. He’s dirty.”

Kelly Olynyk set an illegal high screen on Washington’s Kelly Oubre in Game 3 of the series between the Celtics and Wizards. Oubre fell to the floor, but immediately got up and charged Olynyk, aggresively shoving him backwards to the floor with his forearms. Both teams got involved to end the altercation between Oubre and Olynyk. Oubre was hit with a flagrant 2, resulting in an ejection from the remainder of the game, and was further suspended for Game 4. Olynyk went unpunished.


Here are Draymond’s thoughts on this issue: “Kelly Olynyk is a dirty player, man. Olynyk caught Oubre in the face and the neck with a couple of elbows. That’s what I don’t understand. You let people get away with stuff, and then when somebody finally react … you penalize that guy. But you are not going to penalize Olynyk for continually elbowing him the face. … I don’t get that.”

This isn’t Olynyk’s first questionable play of his career. Back in the first round of the 2015 playoffs, Olynyk pulled the left arm of Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love, while chasing for a rebound. The play resulted in a dislocation of Love’s shoulder, forcing love to undergo season-ending surgery.

“You’ve seen what he’s done,” Green told ESPN on Monday after shootaround. “Everybody’s seen what he’s done. I don’t really need to go [further] on that. Come on, man. There’s more cameras in these arenas now than it’s ever been. Everybody sees what goes on.”

Celtics coach Brad Stevens disagreed with what Green had to say about Olynyk: “I’m around Kelly every day. I don’t agree with that assessment. I guess he set a screen, it was called a common foul, it was reviewed by the league, and the league determined it was a common foul. Another guy rushed him and chucked him on the ground. I understand all the stories of the past, and I understand they’ve gotta talk about something with three days in between games. But we know Kelly. I’m around Kelly every day.”

Everybody hold on a second… Draymond Green is criticizing Olynyk for being a dirty player, while he is arguably a very dirty player himself? Check yourself Dray.

Green occasionally flails his foot up while attempting a shot from under the basket, looking like he intentionally tries to connect with his opponent’s groin.

Green actually connected with Oklahoma City’s big man Steven Adams multiple times in last years playoffs, in Game 2 with his knee, and in Game 3 with his shin.

It might be better if Draymond just keeps quiet with all those hypocritical comments…