Nope. Not today. You will not be left at peace. ESPN NBA Writer Chris Haynes had to drop the bomb that LeBron James, yes, LEBRON JAMES, will listen to the Warriors in free agency if they can clear the cap space. Chris really wanted to get that late night buzz.

Was I the only one that almost had a heart-attack reading this? Definitely not… After people on Twitter saw this insanity, the war began.

According to ESPN’s Chris Haynes, LeBron would hear the team out “out of respect for the Warriors’ winning culture”. Pelton writes in the story that the only way this actually happens is if the Warriors could build an offer with Klay Thompson and Andre Igoudala to match the salary. PLUS, Kevin Durant has to decline his player option and take even less money that he already is.

Bombshell reports are becoming a habit for some of these writers. Sporting News just reported yesterday that the Warriors are also going for Anthony Davis in the summer.

Believe it or not, some of these trades we call untouchable and unlikely could one day see the light. In a world where literally anything is possible when you’re LeBron James, nobody knows anything until it happens. Until that time, just as always, we are at the mercy of the King and what he decides to do next. The media is on him. He loves every bit of it.

Comment below the percentage chance you think this could actually happen… #SPARKFAM