LeBron James IS the Cavs

As an NBA fan and a sports fan in general, I always say that no player is bigger than the team. But, for me, LeBron James is the one exception. I don’t like admitting it, but it’s true. LeBron is one of very few players capable of turning any team into an instant contender. Any. Team. The Cavs hold a lot at stake with the King.

LeBron James is a man in high demand. There is not one team that would turn down LeBron, and each would probably sacrifice a hell of a lot to get him. He’s an instant attraction for new fans and a shortcut to rapidly expanding your team’s fanbase and international recognition.

And that’s not even including what he does on the court. Potential championships. Highlights that will be played over and over for as long as anyone will remember. Insane Playoff series’ and incredible games that fans will cherish for lifetimes. The King brings anything and everything to a franchise.

As a result, the Cavs rightfully have to do everything they can to make James happy. Everything has to be done at all costs to keep him in a Cavaliers jersey. In all honesty, Cleveland losing LeBron James is like losing their whole franchise. Therefore, he was obviously the primary influence behind each of their moves on the trade deadline. So now that that’s clear, let’s take a look at each trade in detail.

The Ins

Jordan Clarkson, for me, was the right guy for Cleveland to go for. Jordan has good size for his position (hopefully helping to solve their defensive woes); he can handle the ball well and simultaneously maintain a smooth offense whilst not having the ball in his hands too much; he can score the ball well when he needs to. In my opinion, an obvious choice and a perfect fit. George Hill is also another solid guy coming into the squad. He’s an experienced vet who can guide the younger guys and bolster the bench unit nicely.