Iceman, Iceman, Iceman, Iceman

In short, George Gervin was an incredible player for the San Antonio Spurs during the 1970s and 80s. However, people rarely talk about the Iceman in today’s basketball scene.

Considering the 6’7 guard was a 12x consecutive (9 in the NBA and 3 in the ABA) All Star, 4x NBA scoring champion (tied with Kevin Durant and Allen Iverson for 3rd most in NBA history, behind Chamberlain and MJ himself) and was selected 7x to an All-NBA team, this is particularly shocking.

His illustrious career in both the NBA and ABA resulted in the Iceman averaging an impressive 25 ppg for his career. And this was all on 50% FG. It’s a travesty that this man rarely ever comes up in conversation when talking about NBA greats. This is despite proving himself to be up there with some of the greatest scoring guards ever – including the likes of Jordan, Kobe and Jerry West (who even said himself that Gervin was “the one player I would pay to see”.

Highly respected by many of the games’ greatest players, George Gervin has proved to have had one of the best scoring careers the NBA would ever see. A lack of recognition and accolades holds Gervin back in a number of ways. Gervin had the misfortune to play in an era of incredible players and stacked teams.

This includes Jabbar’s Lakers and Bucks, Bird’s Celtics, Magic’s Lakers, Julius Erving’s 76ers and Nets and Moses Malone’s 76ers and Rockets (though he also played for just about every NBA team possible), and unfortunately never won an MVP award or an NBA championship due to this. Gervin also rarely attracted media fame, losing out to the likes of Magic, Dr J and Bird.