(Salt Lake Tribune)

The Miami Heat get their hands first on one of the best small forwards in the game right now. 

Free agent Forward Gordon Hayward will be top priority for a few teams this offseason after averaging 21.9 points on 47 percent shooting and 5.4 rebounds per game with the Utah Jazz.

The All-Star is planned to meet with several teams, but one team have first dibs to meet with the star.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Hayward will meet with the Miami Heat on Saturday.

If a deal is made in Miami, Hayward will play a huge role for the future there. Hayward is one of the most under appreciated players in the league and the fans of Miami along with the market will put Hayward great work on display.

Hayward, besides being a constant student of the game, rarely get technicals nor complains about not getting enough touches on the floor. Pairing Hayward up with Goran Dragic and Hassan Whiteside could help reel this Heat back into the playoffs.

Who wouldn’t want to play in the beautiful city of Miami? Hayward will keep that in mind but and will continue to visit more cities as he finds the best for his future.

Hayward will meet with the Boston Celtics, who are making acquiring Hayward and other superstars a top priority over the season.

The Celtics taking Hayward would be the ideal move in Boston. Here’s why:

Hayward and Boston head coach Brad Stevens were linked with each other long before the NBA, both being apart of the Butler University college roster. That duo can be good in the locker room and form good chemistry right away on that ball club.

“Hayward can re-sign with the Jazz on a five-year deal worth close to $176 million. If he chooses to leave Utah, Hayward is looking at a contract that would pay him $130 million over four years according to Asish Mather of Amico Hoops.”

Stay tuned for updates!